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  1. Tracey M

    For all you cat lovers

    My sister's cat has urinary blockage issues. I kept him once while she was out of town and he'd squat in the litterbox but no pee. He constantly paced back and forth to the box trying to go but he couldn't. Long story short I took him to the emergency vet and according to the vet I got him there...
  2. Tracey M

    Fear of flying?

    I used to be terrified of flying, now I'm just a tiny bit cautious. I have to fly 6-8 times a year for work (at least 1-2 of those trips to Buffalo of all places!) and I love to travel. The more I fly and get used to the sights, sounds, smells, etc. the better off I am. I can even nap on planes...
  3. Tracey M

    Dumbells too heavy to hold, but proper weight needed for exercise.

    Posted at the same time as you. Off to check these out!
  4. Tracey M

    Dumbells too heavy to hold, but proper weight needed for exercise.

    Me too! I just can't keep griping those heavy dumbbells - my hand goes out well before my back or legs. Hopefully someone will chime in with a solution. I really want to lift per my workout card and I'm just at 65% this week!
  5. Tracey M

    Opinions for STS cardio DVD selection

    I have to agree with A-Jock's suggestions of Cardio Fusion and SJP/SB and the reasoning behind them. I'm not a huge fan of CTX (great program just not a favorite of mine) and would probably get the disk with Imax/RS/MIC as a 3rd choice. I don't think you can go wrong with any of Cathe's DVDs...
  6. Tracey M

    P90X Assisted Pull Up

    I have the Iron Gym door pullup bar and use a purple dynaband for assistance (used this method for 2 P90X rounds). I simply looped the dynaband around the bar, double knotted it and put my right foot (not knee) in it for assistance. I'm 125# if that helps. Not sure how safe it is (or how much...
  7. Tracey M

    LOL - My cat Eddie

    My cat, Kramer (aka Kiki too!) steals my husband's Baked Doritos, we have to put them on the top shelf of the pantry or he'll break in to them at night while we are sleeping. Too funny! This one made me LOL! To think she tried to pass off road kill....bless her heart!
  8. Tracey M

    So disappointed, only Cathe fans would understand!

    Update: My co-worker was really sweet after our meeting and asked "hey, did you want to drive over and see that Cathe lady?" so we did. I called the gym and knew Cathe was not there but I really enjoyed taking the tour and seeing where it all happens. Linda, who showed us around, was so...
  9. Tracey M

    So disappointed, only Cathe fans would understand!

    Thanks for the understanding gals! My husband and I have looked at a lot of options (taxi, shuttles, etc.) but when it comes down to it without a rental car I can't guarantee being to the meeting on time. I'm going to see if my co-worker will drive me over after our meeting on Wednesday. The...
  10. Tracey M

    So disappointed, only Cathe fans would understand!

    I have to share; my co-workers and friends don't understand the magnitude of my disappointment... I get to travel from time to time for my work, only 3 or 4 trips a year and rarely anywhere really interesting. My dream has been that we land a client in Philadelphia and I get to drive over to...
  11. Tracey M

    Does your pet watch TV?

    My Izzy loves the Dog Whisperer. I sometimes wonder if she'll pick up bad habits by watching it since she's an only dog and doesn't have a pack to teach her proper doggie behavior! She also LOVED America's Greatest Dog. I think she had a crush on the Border Collie, Leroy. I have two of these...
  12. Tracey M

    Please help me win?

    Thanks for your votes everyone! The winner was announced and 8 Rivers won. The Blue Mahoe lost by 84 votes. :( It was quite an honor to be in the top 5 out of 10,000 entries! Thanks again for your support! :D
  13. Tracey M

    UGG....feeling so guilty

    On the other hand, it's kind of nice for men to "not get it". That way they never question your new Kate Spade bag or Vera Wang cocktail dress! Honestly, I've passed off a Kate Spade bag for a Target special. DH: "When did you get that purse?" Me: "Oh, this? The other day when I went to Target"...
  14. Tracey M

    Please help me win?

    Sandman- We stayed in Negril at Couples Swept Away...just right down the beach from Couples Negril. It is an amazing place, isn't it? I hate to hear you had to leave 3 days early - I would have been so disappointed, but from what I can recall Ivan was a monster. Better safe than sorry! Thanks...
  15. Tracey M

    Please help me win?

    Thanks for your votes everyone! The anticipation is killing us. Especially not knowing if we were the first to submit the name suggestion. Only 4 days until we find out. It's been exicting, that's for sure!
  16. Tracey M

    Help! my arms are too bulky!!!

    Hehe! :D :p
  17. Tracey M

    P.M. workouts -- do they work for you?

    I'm another after work exerciser. There is just no way I'll ever be able to get up at 4:30 am to get my workout done before work. I try to eat a light snack at work around 4:00-4:30 and then exercise as soon as I get home. I make sure all my equipment is set up so when I get home I can change...
  18. Tracey M

    Please help me win?

    I sure could use my fellow Catheites help. Last year my DH and I finally saved up enough money to take our honeymoon (4 years late). We decided on Couples Resort in Jamaica and had an amazing time. Since then they have tortured me with monthly email newsletters (torture because it could be 5...
  19. Tracey M

    What is your dream job?

    My dream job would be to run a doggie daycare and pet hotel and spa. Of course all the animals would have to be 100% healthy and never allowed to get sick or die. Um, yeah there was a reason I only lasted as a pre-vet major for one year...I realized the "Happy & Healthy Animals Only Clinic"...
  20. Tracey M

    Where are u from?

    I hope my :p and ;) showed that I was truely not offended. I pretty much lurk but have always enjoyed your posts and sense of humor!