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  1. aproudfit

    Who's arriving Thursday night?

    My flight gets it at 4:15 Thursday night! Can't wait!!
  2. aproudfit

    15 days....

    I'm sooooo excited! I have 3 other gals that come to my house to workout every morning and I think they are as excited as I am!!! Yay!!!
  3. aproudfit

    Looking for a roomie

    I would like a roomie too!! :) Shall we make it a date!
  4. aproudfit

    Who's In??

    Me me me me me !!!! #38
  5. aproudfit


    I just completed this one too and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! There is no repetitive boring time - it goes from one move to the next perfectly! Definitely a Go TO workout!! I had a friend come over and she did her first Cathe workout with me and Loved it too! So excited to try the rest of the series!
  6. aproudfit

    How many Cathe DVDs do you own?

    I have everything but the wedding one! I've preordered everything since the intensity series in 2000. :-).
  7. aproudfit

    6 Days to Pre-sale!!

    We usually have at least 2-3 months minimum (if not more) before they are delivered - so this might be the 1st time in preorder history (since the Intensity Series in 2000) that I don't order on the first day and wait. Although... might have to skip eating for a week! LOL.... Oh wait!! My...
  8. aproudfit

    1st cathe workout tape

    My first was 4 of VHS's from the CTX series! Someone had them individually for sale on ebay and I won 4 of the 6 and the seller threw in MIS for free! I was hooked right away. I pre-ordered the Intensity series on VHS and have since replaced them all with DVD's. I have every DVD she has put...
  9. aproudfit

    Wen gallon sale and new seasonal scent

    They are offering 6 payments at 29.50 each for the gallons. And half the shipping on the second gallon if you buy two. I have been waiting for the gallons after reading about Wen on here last year and Cathe mentioning the June sale. I use pomegranate most - but thinking I might need 2...
  10. aproudfit

    Need BC advice

    I have had the Merina for 2-3 years now and friggen LOVE IT! I have almost NO period and no issues what-so-ever. I will have to replace it one time - I got it at 40 and will have to replace at 45 - but cannot say enough good about it. Only takes a few minutes to get it and dont have to think...
  11. aproudfit

    Should've ordered Cycle Max

    I had the regular set in my cart and debated and debated on getting cycle max because I dont have a spin bike... but for $10 - I just HAD to get the deluxe set. Of course if I wouldnt have - it would have been the ONLY Cathe DVD that I dont have... lol...
  12. aproudfit

    New Dvds

    This is the first presale that they have ever had where they have actually started filming before even announcing... it will be intersting to see what information we receive out the gate. :) Im excited to get that newletter tomorrow!! :)
  13. aproudfit

    OK 'fess up, who's caught royal wedding fever?

    I am excited about it as well... I do think with all the heartache in the world... it is nice to see a couple who is in love or something more of a celebration instead of the constant barrage of death lately. Compared to the shorter courtships of other recent royals, I think the 8 years they...
  14. aproudfit

    New DVD's ..something wierd

    Are you watching them on an older TV - like a square one? I noticed that they do seem squished together - but figured that is because they were filmed in a wild format - and my workout TV is an older square one.
  15. aproudfit

    DVDs are HERE

    I got mine today too and I live in Washington state... Heading off to do the step portion of intensity since I have limited time! Enjoy!
  16. aproudfit

    Already got my new Cathe's DVD today

    Holy shiznit!!!!!!!!!!! Just got them!!! I live in Vancouver, WA - by Portland OR!!!!!!!!!! FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. aproudfit

    Already got my new Cathe's DVD today

    You won't get a shipping notification if you selected USPS - only UPS. HTH
  18. aproudfit

    Already got my new Cathe's DVD today

    Hmmm maybe I should go check my mail. I'm on the west coast. I did pick USPS this time because it did beat the UPS second day from that last videos.
  19. aproudfit

    Anyone want to be FB (Facebook) friends???

    I did too! I have a lot of Cathelete friends and enjoy being able to talk fitness with this great group on FB. Hey - even Greg from the STS workouts friend requested me!! :)
  20. aproudfit

    Introducing The Cathe Forums iPhone App

    Me too!!! Love it!!