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  1. starlight6

    Arms Like Michelle

    The surgery won't give your muscles definition, it's for loose skin - or fat removal, which can give you loose skin! Can't win sometimes. lol
  2. starlight6

    Step Demonstration for Newbies

    Step? I have to chime in here...I love step more than anything but am also the world's biggest klutz. I couldn't learn a dance routine if you paid me. I learned step the same way as everyone else...practice, practice, rewind, watch, practice, practice, rewind...learning is a good workout...
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    Creative Outlets-whats yours?

    I too love to read, but I guess that's not creative. I cross-stitch, paint, & love to make altered art jewelry. My favorite activity is working with, analyzing, putting together programs for problem pups. I have bred & can show but can't really afford it nor have time for it...
  4. starlight6

    "Barefoot" Workouts?

    Barefoot? Some of those shoes are so ugly aren't they? The reason I ask - in my 30 years of working out (& even just walking/working) my feet have never been happy in normal supportive shoes. The heavier or thicker the shoe, the more they hate them. They will often go numb and/or just ache...
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    "Barefoot" Workouts?

    Hi Cathe, I was wondering what you think about the new trend of exercising barefoot or with the new "barefoot" shoes? Thanks, Ruth
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    Did Pyramid Upper & Lower for the first time!

    I agree too...Pyramids has become my current favorite & I'm getting great results. Fun! Ruth :-)
  7. starlight6

    Shipping Update - 4 Day Split

    Thanks Cathe & everyone! You have made my week! Ruth :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7
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    Amazing discovery today, I have abs!!!

    Jerry I love your posts, you crack me up. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. Ruth :7
  9. starlight6

    Your intro to Cathe??

    I saw Cathe's workouts in Collage several years ago & was attracted to her use of heavy weights...can't remember why, but for some reason I wanted a workout with heavier weights. So, my first Cathe workout was ~gasp~ MIS. I'm talking straight from Kathy Smith to MIS! After my first time...
  10. starlight6

    Charlie is home!

    SO happy for you...I've been there too. Awful, awful, awful. Thank heaven you have a happy ending. And why is Charlie out playing golf anyway? Are we being selfish & not allowing him to use our Cathe DVD's? :P Ruth :)
  11. starlight6

    what is the first thing you do when you get a new exercise DVD ?

    RE: what is the first thing you do when you get a new e... Oh yes, I preview each & every one immediately! With popcorn! :P I love watching them. Sometimes I'll just pop an old one in & watch it. Yes, just like a movie! Ruth :7
  12. starlight6

    News I want to share!

    Thanks Deb! :) :) :)
  13. starlight6

    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    Brenda, had to add that DH just came home & heard...he was very upset but happy you have such a positive outlook. He asked me to send you his love & best wishes (from Eric). Ruth :)
  14. starlight6

    Music question

    I always love the music Cathe...I often remark to myself that we seem to have the same taste in music. DH is a musician & he loves it too! Ruth :)
  15. starlight6

    I'm SOOOO excited!!!

    RE: Some details That's very interesting Cathe...I always wondered about this stuff too. Thanks! Ruth :)
  16. starlight6

    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    Brenda I am so sorry you are going through this. I was just looking at you on the screen yesterday & thinking how far you've come & how you always bring a smile to my face, even during Cathe's best efforts to bring me to my knees.;) Your sense of humor & can-do attitude is an inspiration to...
  17. starlight6

    One milestone reached!

    Kathryn that's awesome! High five! Ruth :-) :-) :-) :-)
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    News I want to share!

    Debbie, congratulations to all of you! I'm thrilled for you. I have put Julie in my prayer circle, & am sending positive thoughts your way. (Any name discussion yet?) You rock Nana! Ruth :) :) :) :) p.s. My first grand anything was born a couple of weeks grand-nephew from my...
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    For those of you who don't yet look buff...

    Absolutely, yes. I can just feel people at work looking at me & wondering what the hell kind of working out I'm doing! It's kind of embarrassing but I'm not going to defend myself, I'm just going to let them watch me get stronger, slimmer, & buffer! (I hope!):P My best friend with whom I...
  20. starlight6

    oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

    Okay, I LOVE S&H with a passion! It has never failed me. I just finished a Gym Style rotation (fabulous!) & am doing a 2 week S&H rotation before I go on vacation. On the second go-round, I already felt way stronger. Also, my weight loss, which had hit a snag, is back on track again.:7...