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  1. limycrescent61

    Benefits of 3.5 month vs 6.5 month rotation?

    I just hunted around for that old thread because the link above no longer works. In case anyone else is looking for it, try this link:
  2. limycrescent61

    Tell us about your STS results!

    Thanks for explaining! I get it now. It's a cool option to think about! I haven't done the Xtrain rotation yet so haven't tried undulating yet. I'm intrigued. :) Will definitely try in the future.
  3. limycrescent61

    Tell us about your STS results!

    Do you mind explaining the undulating approach with a little more detail? Like, do you do a week from each meso, or do you undulate from workout to workout . . . ?
  4. limycrescent61

    STS without 1RM

    I'm doing STS for the first time. About to start meso 2. I really enjoyed meso 1. I think anyone who likes lifting would enjoy these workouts, even if you aren't planning to do the whole series.
  5. limycrescent61

    STS and muscle growth

    Thanks for this thread. It is reassuring to me. (I just started STS this month, for the first time. Planning to do the 6 mo rotation) I am hoping for better muscle definition. Thinking about this, I should take a before picture or measure myself or something. Have not done that yet (but I am...