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    Body Building Eating Plan

    I’m looking for a bodybuilding nutrition plan for woman and am wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction? I have the weight lifting down but I know that I could see better results with proper (proven) nutrition. Looking for step by step, eat this before working out, eat this...
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    New Workout Series

    Love that idea!!!
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    restarting STS

    STS is my favorite! I’ve done there entire series a number of times and am currently on week 3 of mesocycle 1.
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    Running shoes to lift

    I too do weight work barefoot.
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    Cluster Training Workouts for Hypertrophy

    I would love it if Cathe did this style of workouts!
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    Exclusively Weights

    Voicing my desire for another STS series.
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    Run across America challenge

    I’d love to do that challenge again too!
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    I've been wondering too!
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    STS and beachbody cardio

    Are you using HIIT from Cathe?
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    Do Any of You Wear Socks?

    Do you do high impact barefoot too? I do weight work but hadn't thought to do higher impact without shoes.
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    STS and Workout Manager

    I'm doing STS again. I haven't done it in more than a year; but I'm noticing exercises that are on the DVD not showing up on my workout card. I'm beginning week 4 and today there were two exercises' 1.5 shoulder presses and pushups 21's that were not listed on my sheet. This happens a couple...
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    SAHM help!

    I too worked out early in the morning and then would nap in the afternoon.
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    STS in Today's Daily Deals

    That's a great deal!!!!! And completely worth it.
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    What is your fave Weight lifting videos

    STS is my all time favorite followed by Ripped With Hiit.
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    Coconut Lime Shake

    What kind of electrolyte powder do you use and how much do you put into the shake?
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    Leg thinning rotation

    What is BCAA stand for?
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    Are you Still Using Wen Post Scandal?

    I've used WEN for probably 4 years and I LOVE it!''