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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs - Mon 3-1

    Hey maniacs! Just dropping in to say hello. Hope things are well with all of you! Things are going well here. Still bulking....2 more weeks before I start to cut. Looking forward to this as I would like to be able to fit more comfortably in my jeans! :p I have gained 8 lbs (pre-contest) which I...
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    Hardcore Check in January 25,2010 Monday

    TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: I am gonna have to try the recipe.....thanks for sharing! :)
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    Hardcore Check in January 25,2010 Monday you take BCAA's? I know that helps with recovery.
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    Hey maniacs! Happy Friday! ....and we have a 3 day weekend! Whoo Hoo! Workouts are going great! I really like the back/bi/abs workout Olesya designed. I did that yesterday and had a killer workout! Rocked my pull-ups 4 x 10 Standing Cable Rows...190# (up 10) T-Bar Rows (on machine) 65# 1 Arm...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Fri - Jan 8

    Olesya is awesome and I bet Theresa will get great results! Looks like the pic issue on happened to everyone....weird. I sent you an email back! Thanks! I have really been hitting it hard so I hope to see major improvements! Box pistols are tough! I don't know if I'd call them fun...
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    2-3 cups should be ok. Alot of people actually consume a cup pre-workout. Caffeine does have some health benefits. Like with anything....moderation. You are right, green tea is good for you. I drink a cup of green tea with my breakfast and take a cup of coffee with me to of...
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    Deli ham

    That would be your lats. Best exercise to assist in that area is pull-ups (IMO) and of course cardio to burn the fat.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Fri - Jan 8

    Hey there maniacs! Just dropping in to wish ya all a Happy New Year!....8 days late! :p I am soooo tired! It is always tough the first week back to work after being on vacation! So glad today is Friday! :D So I started a new training plan with Olesya! She never ceases to amaze me with her...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 12/28

    Hey there maniacs! Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! I know I did! So I am almost done with this current training plan with Olesya. I have cardio today and legs tomorrow then we leave for Pasadena on Wednesday. Looking forward to a MUCH need break! Olesya is working on my new training plan...
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    Hardcore Check in December 17,2009 Thursday

    Yes I am still bulking. My next competition is May 22 so I'm thinking I will continue to bulk through February. I lean out pretty quickly but it also depends on how much weight I will have gained. I'm currently at my pre-contest weight (145#) and holding. I also know Olesya will be upping my...
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    Hardcore Check in December 17,2009 Thursday

    Hi there maniacs! Thanks all for the kind words on my photo shoot. It was a lot of fun! Still doing my current bulking pan but Oleysa will be switching my training plan come January. Excited to see what she has in store for me! Diane Sue...Love the new avi. Super cute! Lorajeanne...Wow...
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    Hardcore Check in December 10,2009 Thursday

    Hey maniacs. Hope all has been well. I had good intentions to post more consistently but happens. It has been busy and the holidays just add to the craziness. I am so excited son Dewitt plays for we are going to the Rose Bowl!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek: So...
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    Hardcore Check in November 19,2009 Thursday

    Thanks! 3 months.....I think I need to have DH hide the scale so I don't freak out if I start to gain weight! Eats for today: M1: egg whites/oatmeal M2: protein shake/raspberries M3: turkey/potatoes M4: protein shake (post-cardio) M5: salmon and veggies M6: eggwhites/almonds
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    Hardcore Check in November 19,2009 Thursday

    Diane Sue....Thanks! Here is a link for plate choppers: Yeah I'm trying not to freak out. I am back to my pre-contest weight but still at same bf %...which is the goal. Debbie...Thanks! When I got to the last two sets of hammer curls I really...
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    Hardcore Check in November 19,2009 Thursday

    Hello Maniacs! Had to skip my workout on Tuesday as I was fighting a head cold but I freakin’ ROCKED my workout yesterday!!!!!!!! Guess that’s what an hour nap and 8 hours of solid sleep will do for ya. My morning started out kinda congested but felt better by this afternoon and actually had...
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    Theresa...Olesya will tell you that she prefers you don't drink it but it won't kill you if you do! I told won't kill me if I don't! :) I just put crystal light in my water. I can handle the egg whites it's the yams I can't stomach right now. But I lay off for a while then add them...
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    Hey manaics! Had yesterday off from work....that was nice! Got my workout done in the a.m. and DH and I headed off to Murphy's in the foothills to meet a group of friends for lunch and wine tasting. Had a nice time. Back to reality today! In fact it was soooo hectic at work this morning and...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Friday Nov 6

    Happy Friday Maniacs!!!!! Worked chest/back yesterday...had a great workout! I write down the weight I lift but for some reason thought last workout I had done 205# on rack pulls so I load the bar to 210# step up and do my's tough....well, duh cuz it should only be at 205#. One might...
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    Happy Tuesday! Theresa...Is Olesya having you do split or FB? Trust me, she will not mind your questions. She encourages them! Debbie....So did you do STS in it's entirety starting with endurance? I know whn I finished up a rotation with with Olesya back in April I started STS but it...
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    Diane Sue...I hope you know that was a typo on kickbacks and it should be 20#! :p I bought the MC cookbook as you always posted great meals from it...I will check it out!