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    Fit tower

    has anyone received their fit tower yet?
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    STS purchase?

    Thank you marazoe. I appreciate your input.
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    STS purchase?

    If I know I will not be able to follow this program exactly, would it still benefit me to purchase it. I only work out on average every other day and am in no way close to being in the shape the people in the video are. I am trying to save my muscle since I am close to 50. I probably don't...
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    Help me find a new vacuume

    Love my simplicity, but not bagless. Had a dirt devil and then a Hoover. Will stick with simplicity. Bought mine used at a vacuum store. No complaints.
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    IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Xtrain arrived today in Louisiana!
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    Texas Cathletes

    I am in central Louisiana and I haven't received mine yet. I must have ordered later that owltx since they already have theirs in Houston. :(
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    Just Got XTrain!

    Didn't get mine :( Louisiana
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    What state already received their DVD's

    Louisiana Got mine today (Monday 2nd).
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    Pace Weights

    Beth, It isn't a flat shipping rate, but it didn't go up when I went from one set to two sets of weights. Linda
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    What state already received their DVD's

    I thought I would get my DVDs today (Saturday) but I didn't:(. (Louisiana) I guess I will have to wait till Monday:mad::mad:
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    All DVDs have now been shipped!

    :( Mine didn't arrive in mail today. I'm in Louisiana so maybe tomorrow.
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    Pace Weights

    Thank you to everyone for your quick response. I am going to go ahead and order two sets because the shipping is $15.50 whether I buy one set or two. I am sure I will not regret buying them. I could have used them this morning when doing Pyramid upper body! Thanks again, Linda
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    Colorado Wildfires please pray!!!

    Praying for Colorado.
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    Pace Weights

    Thinking about ordering even though the shipping is $15.50 :( Having trouble increasing weights in 5 lbs increments and even in 2 lb increments. Has anyone ordered these and do you like them? Is it a good investment? Thanks in advance, Linda
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    The New DVDs Have Arrived

    Scared but excited!!!
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    Cross Train Xpress - what are your thoughts?

    I like CTX. I am not a hardcore exerciser so anything under 60 minutes is great for me. I did kickbox this morning. I haven't done any of them more than once because I just got CTX on one of the daily deals earlier this year, but I like the fact that you get a little cardio and then work one...
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    Suthunuhs! Sho Nuff!

    Thanks for sharing! I live in the town Steel Magnolias was filmed in. It is the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase. Have lived here since I was 4. It is burning up already in Louisiana so bring on the sweet tea and fried green tomatoes! Summer will be a killer! Linda
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    Substitution for STS plyo legs

    thanks everyone! I do have Lower Body Blast, bodymax 2 and CTX Power Circuits. I think I will try CTX Power Circuits. Maybe in the future I will get STS. I have only been working out with Cathe for a little over a year and STS scares me right now. Thanks again!
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    Substitution for STS plyo legs

    I'm following one of Cathe's rotations and I don't have STS Plyo legs. What would be a good substitution? Would Turbo Barre or Butt and Guts work? Thanks in advance, Linda
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    Leather or Cloth Couches?

    Leather! We have had a leather recliner for close to 20 years. At first I thought why would I want the same furniture for 20 years, but now with a child going to college soon, I'm glad I'm not having to spend money on new furniture. Linda