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    Hello, Today, I did 20 laps & Legs & Glutes. Beverly, I'm with you, next week going to try for 5 days of lower body. I really hope I get my Beach Body tapes next week.... When I go to my WW meeting on Tuesday, I am sure they're going to tell me that I did not lose a lb. Feels like I...
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    Happy Saturday ;o) Today, I walked 17 laps and then, PS Legs & Abs. I haven't done this workout in months, very enjoyable. Have a good evening all. Teddygirl~~
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    You who ladies :o) Where's everyone? This morning I hopped on the treadie for an hour jog and did MIS abs afterwards. I had planned to do MIS upper body but don't know if time will permit. I took a vacation day today, went to get my hair permed and cut. I'm starting a part time job tonight at...
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    Fit TV Cathe votes deleted!

    Hi I just voted to, Cathe, has a big lead at 55%. YEAH! Cathe. Teddygirl~~
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    Freestyle Training/Lower Body

    Hi, Today was a good day. The sun was shining bright, when I awoke this morning NO rain. So, I jumped out of bed had some coffee and headed to the tracks. I did a 6 mile run/walk. Just finished up Legs & Glutes, MIS Abs. Enjoy your day everyone! Teddygirl~~
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    April 16 lower body/freestyle checkin

    Hi, Lori, sounds like you had a great workout :o keep up the good work! This morning I decided to go to Bedford track, and I'm glad I did the weather was perfect. I run a lap and walked a lap, until I did 5 miles, and Abs. Later, I'm planning to do PLB and MIS Abs. Have anyone seen, or...
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    April 12 Lower Body Rotation

    Okay guys, I just finish my workout, to, too long..........I don't like doing 2 workouts back to back. So, cardio for this gal in the morning followed by ST after work. Love legs and glutes Wow what a workout. Instead of jogging on my treadmill. I walked, yes I simply walked for 30 minutes as...
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    April 12 Lower Body Rotation

    Hi Candi, When I read your e-mail today, I was thinking you was the runner, like Beverly. Your rotation is fine. I was giving this some thought as well, when I prepared my rotation today I was thinking, hm..........this is a lot of work. Can I do this? I was wondering, instead of doing...
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    April 8 Lower Body Rotation

    Hi Ladies, I'm in.....Yes, I had to get my computer I let my sis use. Until I can get my other one fix. Besides it was sitting dormant at her home. So far, I have stuck with my rotation except for today. I did Legs & Glutes & MIS Abs. Tomorrow, I'll be doing Imax 2 & MIS Abs, my diet was...
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    Mar 31 Lower Body Rotation

    Hi Today I did Cardio Kicks & climbed 7 flights of stairs 5 times. Have a great day all. Teddygirl~~
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    March 29 Lower Body Rotation

    Me again...... I have question to ask you guys. What time of day do you guys workout, the reason I am asking. Because, I just finished my L&G workout, which I really enjoyed. However, I'd loveeee to be able to do my workout in the mornings, like I use too, 5 years ago. No matter what, I was...
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    Lower Body Rotation Mar 27

    Hi Ladies ;o) I started my workout early today, and it felted great. I did Cardio Kicks and walked the stairs of my appartment (7 times, 7 floors) great workout. Today starts my 4th week, gee how time fly. Well I'm going to watch a movie and relax. Have a wonderful evening. Teddygirl~~
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    Mar 24 Lower Body Rotation

    Hi ladies, Today's workout I did Imax II and Abs, felt really good, I felted really strong too. Now, I'm going to enjoy a movie and call it a day, ttys. Teddygirl~~
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    Lower Body Check in Mar 18

    Welcome aboard Pree ;o) I just had to log in tonight to tell you guys that Imax 2 stayed on my shelf to too longggggggg. I really forgot how much fun this workout is YIKES!!! I did all 10 intervals the music was jamming and I was too. Just wanted to share my news night night...
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    Lower Body Rotation Check in

    Yeah I'm in. I forgot on my home computer I'm Missthang and at work on my computer I'm Teddygirl. Question, can I change my password? if so how? Today's workout: Abs & ran 1 hour on my treadmill. Afterwards a hot bubble bath and unwinded with Sis. Just wanted to check in. Have a great...
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    Avon - Skin Care

    Hi everyone ;o) Can you guys share with me your skin care regimen. I'm not using any skin care regimen at this time. Only products for my acne; I use to have dry skin, after I turned 35 or so my skin became very OILY. And, I suffer from break outs (blackheads/whiteheads). Now, I'm thinking...
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    Clean eating and headache

    Hi Keta, Wow what a great site. You go girlfriend. Keep up the excellent work. Missthang.
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    Re: Muscle Fitness Hers

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-02 AT 09:00AM (Est)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-02 AT 08:59 AM (Est) LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-02 AT 08:56 AM (Est) You guys are absolutely right!! Thanks so much for enlighten me. And I thought the women in MFHers were all perfect, really. They surely do look like it hm.... It's...
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    Re: Muscle Fitness Hers

    Shanda, Liza, Seabush & Shaan You guys are the greatest, really. Thanks so much for replying to my cry. I was there, feeling very disappointed and un-encourage. The gals in the MFHers, I never thought about them working out for years. Or doing other forms of activities. I just assume they...
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    Re: Muscle Fitness Hers

    HELP, how in the heck did they get those bodies? I just got my MFHers yesterday. And OMG they are so fit and looking so fabulous. I try soooo very hard to look like just one of them, lol. But I'm having the hardest time trying to achieve it. Up and down, up and down. I'm starting to think I'm a...