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    new to cathe live and a huge problem!

    i subscribed to this yesterday and I got ready to do it this morning. Then I got this "this pro Broadcaster has chosen to remove this channel from". I'm using my iPad for now. What do I do? Thanks! Glogal
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    Let's Chat Thursday 1/15 at noon (eastern)

    Hello Cathe! Do you any plans to come down to Texas anytime soon? We went to The RT in Houston and we need to see ya again! Can't wait for the 2 new cardio workouts. When will they be shipping? Thanks for all you do!
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    woohoo! I'm too excited :) thanks! Gloria
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    So what was your favorite treat of the day?

    hey! i had 2 small fun size bags of peanut M& fav...they were PEANUT...that counts for something right? they are healthy, right?? LOL happy halloween!! Gloria
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    will classes be televised or videod or whateve it's called???

    THANK YOU!! I appreciate you replying! I can't wait to meet you and the video clip will be awesome! :) Gloria
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    will classes be televised or videod or whateve it's called???

    My dear friends and hubby want to see me working out with cathe. Is there a link where they can watched me and my friends? thanks:) gloria
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    SNM: problem with my CC!! HELP!!

    THANK YOU!! will do that and hope that I am still in for the RT!! thanks again Gloria
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    SNM: problem with my CC!! HELP!!

    I have not been charged for the balance on my CC!! How can I be sure I am still in and not being dropped?? Thanks:) Gloria
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    Bob Harper new dvds?

    I got mine today!! woohoo! previewing right now and gotta say...kinda tough...I'm looking at the one hour cardio. It has kettlebell swings and squats, burpees, jumping rope, jumping jacks and that's just the first 30mins!!! EEK!! can't wait to do it tomorrow!! take care :) Gloria
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    Is anyone else a bit disturbed by VW's ads?

    Did ya'll do this one? CADILLAC WHACK??? everytime we saw a cadillac or a car that looked like one, WHACK! haha!! so funny and so many memories! THANKS for starting this thread!! fun :) Gloria
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    WHO'S IN?

    WE ARE GOING!! HI! I'm #9, my daughter and my little sis are going as well! Actually, there's a group of 7 of us coming in from West TExas. We've been working out to cathe's Hiit since it came out and we are just so EXCITED about coming to Houston to meet all of ya'll and CATHE of course...
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    Texas Road Trip Sign Up Today at noon

    I'll be there!! Cathe: my daughter and I will be joing you in EXCITED :) Gloria
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    THANK you!! RoseMarie: thanks so much for this...glad I found it! Gonna print it out now! Gloria
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    Lost 1 inch thus far in my waist and my hips!

    THANKS DENISE! This is great! Very happy for you and your results! Wish me luck and hope i get the same results as you :D Gloria
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    Work out shoes

    IN cathe's Shock Cardio I was wondering what shoes Cathe wears in Shock Cardio...specifically in Circuit Blast. Does anyone know?? Thanks:) Gloria
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    Cardio Core Circuit - MERCY!! UNCLE!!!

    YOUR POST CRACK ME UP! NAN: thanks for your post! I haven't gotten my Shock Cardio yet and I can't wait to get these and try this workout. I will thinking of you when I do this workout! :D A-Jock: Do you have a rotation planned out already with these new dvds? I certainly would like to see...
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    MMA Boxing Bonus Heavy Bag video clip

    CLIP LOOKS GREAT! wow! that's a neat clip of the heavy bag workout! For 20mins, I think I can do that :D Gloria
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    STS Plyo legs and marathon training ?

    THANKS! Jennifer: Thanks for your input on my question. Love how you have planned out your schedule with STS and the marathon training. It's pretty neat that you have a coach..wish I had one! ha! anyway, if I may exactly are you doing your day of track/drills??? That intriqued me...
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    Weighted Gloves Pounds???

    here's what I did.... I bought the same gloves. They weigh 1lb each. I needed to go a bit heavier so I added my pace weights. They are 1/2lb and I was able to fit just ONE in each glove. So, the total came out to 1.5lbs. That was perfect for me cuz I have some 2lb weight gloves (each) and that...
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    STS Plyo legs and marathon training ?

    THANK YOU JULIE I was thinking of maybe keeping my interval run and using plyo legs for one of my crosstraining days. Yes, you are right, doing this early in my training sounds doable. After that, the long runs will certainly tire me out. I sure hope the member you are talking about reads...