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    STS 2.0 individual DVD Body Parts Legs and Shoulders?

    I can't seem to locate an option to preorder the Body Parts Legs and Shoulders DVD. Are they not offering that as for individual sale?
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    Boot Camp premix?

    Are there premixes for this (Intensity Series)workout? I only have the vhs, but if there are premixes, I'll buy the dvd. Thanks.
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    Help with starting to workout again

    I just got back into working out after a 3 year hiatus for 'life' reasons so I know full well that tired and lazy feeling. I'm 54 yrs old so instead of striving to be 'perfect', I just want to be healthy. The one thing that I have found for me to stick to it is to adapt the attitude of 25-30...
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    Workout shoe recommendation

    Thank you two!
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    Workout shoe recommendation

    Can you Cathe lovers offer this Cathe lover some workout shoe brand recommendations? What workout shoe do some of you wear while working out(cardio) to Cathe? Thank you for your expert opinions.
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    anyone experienced this?

    I'm relieved to know I'm not alone with this issue.
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    anyone experienced this?

    Thank you for your reply! I wasn't sure anyone would. I will start keeping a journal because what you say here makes a lot of sense. Thank you again. I need to speak with my doctor too - just been putting it off because I don't want to take more hormonal med's.
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    anyone experienced this?

    Often times during exercise if I take a 20 second break, or when my workout is over, I just break out crying. It's like the endorphins that are supposed to give me a happy 'high', get messed up and do the opposite. It doesn't happen every workout, but often. It seems to be during of after a...
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    cellulite question

    I need some guidance, please. I'm 16 yrs old and have cellulite(inherited). I started running a few weeks ago, but am not seeing any results. In fact, the cellulite seems worse. I haven't changed my eating, but since I added running, why haven't I seen some kind of improvement? I was doing...
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    14 yr old with cellulite dips - please help!!!

    14 yr old cellulite -help Wow. I want to thank all of you who replied to me so quickly! I agree with all of you in that a mother should never say anything about such a looks issue. I have not and will not say anything to her. I overheard her little sister say something to her and I expected...
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    14 yr old with cellulite dips - please help!!!

    How can my fit, 14 yr old daughter have cellulite dips? She's pear shaped, but thin everywhere but her butt and thighs. It's inherited, but is there anything I can encourage her to do? She plays soccer, vball and softball. Should she exercise more, eat less sugar or is it unfixable because...
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    Traps/neck hurting during chest flies

    I can do 15 reps with the weight I use, but my neck/traps area feel it. I would think my weights are too heavy, but I can do the reps, it just hurts where it shouldn't. Any ideas? Any help would be very appreciated, as you all are most knowledgeable re: this type of stuff.
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    SNM - Drill Max question

    Both copies are from Cathe's website That's the kicker, they both came directly ordered from Cathe's website. I messed up my original order and had to order an additional copy so now I have 2.
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    SNM - Drill Max question

    I have 2 original Drill Max dvds. Neither copy will work in my dvd player. However, ALL of my other Cathe dvds work fine in my player. It tries to load, but nothing comes up - No FBI warning or anything, just blank screen. Tried other Cathe dvds and they all work fine as always. Took DM to...
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    waistline during/after menopause - is it possible to have one?

    I've lost most of my waistline over the past 1-2 years. With exercise and eating staying the same, is this because of menopausal issues and/or age? I'm 42 and very early menapausal. Is it possible to get it back to where it was before meno? Thanks for any info.
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    Same weight workout twice a day? Good, bad, neither?

    Is it helpful, hurtful or neither to do the same upper body workout twice in a day. For example, Upper Body weights from BM2, if I do the exercises once in the morning(because I only have 30 minutes) and then again at night(only have another 30 minutes) is this good? Bad? Does it do me no...
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    Help! I can't find my order in Tracking system

    I have an Invoice #, but no Purchase Order #. On my invoice page it shows the phone number used when the order was placed, but when I try tracking with that phone number it can't find it. Can anyone help with info? Thanks so much. I'm afraid I won't get my dvds.
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    Injury question - input please?

    I'm having a hard time figuring out if I have a muscle injury or joint/skeletal issue. Can you all help me? I've had a chronic pain in the front of my thigh - hip flexor area - for 5-6 weeks. It's very sharp when I first stand up for about 5 steps, then eases some, but the pain remains...
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    Cathe, you are simply gorgeous!

    It is so rare in this day and age to find someone so beautiful, successful, yet sweet and humble. You go, girl!
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    Fantastic Four dvd

    I ordered mine from an email sent out by her company advertising the dvd about a year ago maybe(I don't trust my memory of time past). It was very inexpensive so I couldn't resist. I had never done that workout until the other day and I discovered the problem. I wanted to find out if anyone...