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    Previewing Body Max: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the step portion...die through the circuit portion ( she manages to trick u into thinking you should keep going after the step and then by circuit 3 you want to kick yourself but it's sort of too late to stop ). So now i firmly resist after the half hour and tack on S&H legs. This tape...
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    Where is the "FUN" in Power Hour?

    I just ordered this video. If it is anything like the Body Pump classes at the gym then it really isn't meant to be used with heavy weights at all. Those classes can be pretty challenging, I feel my biceps curl into a ball by the end of the last few reps and no other workout hits them so that...
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    Okay Cathe - this is what we want...

    How about a step tape that doesnt have power moves that we can alternate with the other tapes on days we dont feel like hopping? With loud music like Kelli Roberts Ultimate step/Circuit training? Check out the music they used on those it techno? It's really good! Makes you really want...
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    need help to lose weight

    I totally resent chicken breasts and tuna...but what can you do?
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    results from power hour only? or mis only?

    I find Endurance type lifting more difficult than strength oriented ones. LL is a lot tougher than S&H Legs for sure and Body pump squats and lunges make my quads go numb. I stop during the class to shake them out. Your butt wont be neglected, it wont like you very much though. I prefer S&H and...
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    Firming the rear

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-31-02 AT 11:20PM (Est)[p]oops wrong thread.
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    Bulking up

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-27-02 AT 02:46AM (Est)[p]Hi, Not Cathe but just wanted to say that I'm trying to grow my stems and found that adding step has actually slimmed them down more! which was so dramatic that i had to cut down on the step and heavy up more with the S&H leg work. Don't understand...
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    Oscars stars bodies?!

    I think they look older when they get that skinny...even tv celebs like the girl in Frazier, alyssa milano looks like she lost more weight (she has muscles though ) but her face has aged rather quickly...and their necks look a bit ugly.
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    Old Cathe videos? Should I?

    That Body Max kills! It's fun though, I like the first 30 minutes and surprise myself when I get through the day I hope to finish through the weights as well. Is Step works anything likr Rhythmic Step?
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    Clare, My first Cathe was PMAX and I loved it. I was kind of scared at the time to try cathe because i get easily irritated by chatty instructors, but Cathe cues well without being annoying at all. I also like Ultimate step by kelli roberts, do you know of any other videos or instructors who...
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    Just More Praise!

    Hi, I just recently started trying to conquer Body max. I was so proud of myself when I finished the step and circuits! The woman wants to kill me, i think. Pat Pat.
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    Survey: what move do you dread?

    RE: Oops! Forgot Leaner Legs I HATE one arm rows in S&H. I hate them!!!
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    Survey: what move do you dread?

    YES! Someone else who hates over the tops!!!! I am NOT alone! i hate lunges and power 7s and 15s.
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    New to Cathe

    RE: Welcome! Hi, Yup, you'll be wanting more soon! Mostly because after you do her stuff your other videos will be too easy! ( With the exception of volume 1 ... did that the other day and it nearly killed me ) I did Power max last night and actually finished the whole thing! I usually die...
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    The Firm? Benefits?

    Hi, I have been doing Cathe workouts since November and found that most of my other videos have become too easy by comparison. Today though, I did the FIRM Vol.1 and it killed me. The segment where she tells you to sit through ( right before the floor work after about 25 minutes of standing...
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    How do you get a lean upper body???

    Do you find it easier to lean out your legs/lower body? If so you might be like me! I have built up my lower body and find it hard to fix my upperbody. I find that S&H legs and shoulders are all I need to make my legs the right size but have found that chest and back have added a bit of size to...
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    Need help trying to incorporate Cathe's Pure Strength Series

    Split routines are really convenient if you ask me. I like the 3 day splits the best because you can do a M-W-F with cardio on T-TH-Sat. If you need more you can tack on short cardios to your weight days. The best thing with split routines is you can focus better on the muscle groups because you...
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    Time for a new video!

    Hi I have both those videos. Body max has step and endurance based lifting. It's a long tape and I split it up. Circuit max is hi-low, some step kickbox and step and has light weight circuits. It is a new workout and that's why it gets my vote. I like working out with up to date music and...
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    No comparison!

    Hi, She's pretty tough, even when I go back to the gym for spinning it still isn't as hard anymore. I used to Firm and do body pump and spin before and when I ventured over to this board everyone kept saying her tapes were addictive. It's true! I don't have a lot of her workouts yet, but I...
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    In a PERFECT world.......

    Men would have babies I would have better boobies Britney would have been nailed by the python pets won't poop at all Mulder and Scully would have got it on star trek wouldn't exist ice cream and chocolate would be healthy and veggies and fruits would be bad for you we would get paid to work...