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    Drop weights or repeat?

    I have completed STS 3x now, but took a break for the past year to do other programs (Strong - from the guys who did New Rules of Lifting for Women, and Jamie Eason’s lifting program). So I wasn’t slouching by any means, but I started day 1 of STS this morning and holy crap I can’t hit any of...
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    Doing STS without the DVDs?

    I have completed STS 3 times now, and while I adore the structure of the program, my biggest complaint is that I often feel rushed during some of the exercises. It gets annoying to pause to catch up or rewind a section. So I'm thinking of doing a round of STS from the worksheets alone since I am...
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    STS Pyramid - keep same weights or go up?

    Yes Tom - if I should complete the pyramid using the same weight sets as I did in my first Meso 2 or increase since my strength should have increased in Meso 3. I think re-doing the one rep max is a good idea. I'm finding I'm not maxing out in Meso 3 as I should with the weights I am using...
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    STS Pyramid - keep same weights or go up?

    I'm wrapping up the upside of a 6 month pyramid. My question is - when I reverse the process and go from Meso 3 to Meso 2, do I use the same weights that I used on the upside, or do I increase my weights slightly?
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    Do the gains ever stop?

    I'm a few weeks away from finishing round 3 of STS (6 month, then I start backwards for my pyramid). When I started my lifting journey 8 years ago, 3-5 lbs were my go to. I had a set of 15 lb dumbbells I was too intimidated to use and would move from place to place with both hands - one...
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    STS with a wrist injury?

    I just started week 4 of STS (6 month rotation, this is my 3rd round of the program) and somehow messed up my wrist over the weekend. I'm sure it will be ok with rest, but the curls today were extremely painful using the suggested weights. My question is - should I rest the hurt wrist and go...
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    I just posted this in Ask Cathe. I actually love rotations and have seen my best results with them, but the 90-day schedule just does not mesh with MY schedule at all. I'm not planning on starting until Monday, so I'll play around with it a bit this weekend and see what I can come up with. I...
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    Is it possible to modify the XTrain schedule without repercussions?

    Hi Cathe! I know you all put a ton of time and thought into the 90 Day Undulating Schedule so I am very hesitant to mess with it! :) BUT....I do have 2 modifications I would like to try but not without your blessing first. I don't want to end up stalling, or even worse - getting injured...
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    STS Round 2 - re-do 1RM?

    I've got one week left of STS, and I'm thinking of doing another round to kill time until XTrain comes out. My question is - I know my strength increased drastically since day 1. I'm doing 90% of my 1RM and could easily do 12 reps on a lot of the moves. Do I re-do the 1RM test before starting...
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    Has your 1RM ever been WAY off???

    My 1RM has been pretty true this entire series EXCEPT in Meso 2 biceps, when it comes to any curls on the stability ball. I'm assuming since this is in the latter part of the session, my arms are totally spent, but my 80% of 1RM today was supposed to be 25 lbs (incline curls on a stability...
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    Using a weight vest with legs?

    I just (now) figured it out - duh. 10 lbs off each dumbbell, not overall. So I've got my weight vest on and lifting 20s, not 10s. Now it makes sense.
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    Using a weight vest with legs?

    Does anyone know if there are any exercises (on legs) that you should NOT do with the weighted vest? Or ones that would be less effective? Like it seems like deadlifts with the vest might not be so great for the back? Also, if you're working with a 20 lb vest, is that 20 lbs included on...
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    Using a weight vest with legs?

    I'm finding my forearms fail before my legs do - my target weight is usually 30-40 lbs and by the 10th or 12th exercise, I simply just can't hold the weights anymore. :( I don't want to do the rest of the workout using 15s, so would it give me the same results if I used 15s with a 20 lb weight...
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    Starting STS in 2 weeks - good transition DVD?

    Thanks so much for the recommendations! I don't have the Gym Style series, but I do have pyramids. I think I will do those for the days I am home, and take some other DVDs that use body weight exercises for the week I'm on vacation. I'll be starting Monday June 11th - can't wait!!!
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    Any tips for sit & stands?

    I just finished the 1RM and had an epic fail on the sit & stands! I tried 2 different chairs and could NOT lift myself up without putting the lifted foot on the ground for assistance. I can do it easily without a weight but not while holding a weight (I need my arms on the sides, it seems, not...
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    Starting STS in 2 weeks - good transition DVD?

    Hi all! I am planning on starting STS in 2 weeks and am looking for a recommendation of what to do in the meantime. I have spent the last 2 weeks finishing the 1RM test (1 page or 1 hour on MWF, cardio on T/Th) as my "weight routine". I'm not a newbie to weights, I've completed P90X and...
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    1RM - how long does it take

    It took me about 2 weeks - I did an hour or 1 page (whichever came first) every MWF. I considered it my workout for the day, so if I did bicep curls to failure on one arm, I did the same amount on the other arm. So it took me a little longer than it probably needed to.