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  1. LizO66

    Did you?

    Yes, I did!! At 6:00 this morning!! Round 2 at about 4:30. I have to tell you, Cathe, your legs look fantastic in XTrain!! Love ya!
  2. LizO66

    Equipment for home gym

    I've been working out for a while; I need a good bench, but I'd like something multi-functional, and ideally with a smith machine component. Thanks!
  3. LizO66

    Equipment for home gym

    Hello! What equipment should I have for my home gym? I'm looking for a bench, and I'd love a squat rack, but I need something space efficient. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  4. LizO66

    What do you do if you can't do a pull up?

    I purchased an assist band (much like resistance tubing, but it's specifically for a chin up bar) at Dick's. I love it! It's like having my own Vortex Machine!!
  5. LizO66

    Cross Train Express deal of the day...

    You've convinced me!! Thanks!!!
  6. LizO66

    Cross Train Express deal of the day...

    What a bargain! Should I get it? What does everyone think of it? Does Cathe still incorporate these into her rotations? Thanks!!!
  7. LizO66

    Great deal on LIS!

    I can't seem to find this and am really interested. Can someone share a link? Thanks! L
  8. LizO66

    Over 40 ladies poll

    I'm 46 and do both, leaning more to high impact because I love running.
  9. LizO66

    women over 40, whats your favorite makeup foundation brand

    I use Gurlain ($$ but very pretty and natural), but I'd like to try the new one by Giorgio Armani called "Maestro." It's very, very thin but highly pigmented, and from the reviews I've read, looks more beautiful and luminous as the day goes on.
  10. LizO66

    Turbo Tower/STS Push Pull Tower

    I've been hoping for this, too, but I wouldn't get too excited. Judging by SNM's message, it could be some time before any details are available, and then even more time before it's ready to ship. My guess would be some time next year - but I'd love to be wrong!
  11. LizO66

    Loving Obagi!

    I use the entire system and I love it. Really softens lines and dark spots. There is a period of adjustment, and you'll likely see peeling/flaking. It goes away after a while. I plan on using this for a VERY long time!!!
  12. LizO66

    Can someone give me a 101 on foam rollers?

    WOW - thanks to you all for so much information! Looks like something I should (and will) be doing! =D
  13. LizO66

    Can someone give me a 101 on foam rollers?

    Hi Everyone! I'm interested in foam rollers, and I'd like to get a bit more information on them. How/when are they used? What are the different kinds? Any instances when they should NOT be used? Please share any of your personal experiences! Thanks so much in advance! Liz
  14. LizO66

    Prayer Request

    You got it, babe!!
  15. LizO66

    Rehab-ing a sprained ankle - what to do in the interim?

    Thanks, everyone! I can do upper body and some core work, too. Yoga, I'm not too sure about! I can put some pressure on my foot - it seems to 'loosen' up as I walk more, but it is swollen. The hardest thing is just being patient! Thanks for the input! Liz
  16. LizO66

    Rehab-ing a sprained ankle - what to do in the interim?

    Help! I badly sprained my ankle running and it seems to be taking forever to heal. Any suggestions on what kind of workouts to do while recovering would be greatly appreciated. I don't belong to a gym and I'm not such a fan of swimming. I have basic home workout stuff (dumbells, barbell...
  17. LizO66

    Tracking workouts for progress & accountability

    I use 2 methods - one is "My Fitness Pal" on my iPhone to track calories, and I use old school pencil and paper worksheets (old worksheets from "The Firm") for workouts/moods/goals.
  18. LizO66

    Anna's Cathe Compendium, Part Two

    So kind of you to share, Anna! Thank you!
  19. LizO66

    How does one easily find the Deal of the Day?

    Thank you for the information, everyone!!
  20. LizO66

    How does one easily find the Deal of the Day?

    I usually have to dig and dig, so I'm sure there is an easier way!! Thanks! L