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    OK- who was the Kanye fan?

    Have you seen the 30 minute video? If only I could get a photo of those ballerinas in black dancing in front of the green wall/fence. Stunning!
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    Digital camera? What to buy? Techies help!

    you can find reviews at or visit this site I saved for myself
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    Totally off topic - Kanye??

    What mixed reviews? what flaming? we all say he has a giant ego. He really is talented though. Not feeling his new album however. Older ones were better. In comparison to the "antics" of other celebrities ( cocaine possession, beating up your girlfriend, drunk driving, illegal gun...
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    Totally off topic - Kanye??

    Kanye is an extremely talented, accomplished artist. He deserved every award he has gotten since he hit the music scene many years ago. Along with that talent comes a massive ego :D. His need for attention got worse when his mom passed away a few years ago. His fans (including myself) are used...
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    Things a burglar won't tell you

    Oh man. my landlord and I leave flyers, ads, and business cards in our doors all the time. We will pass them 100 times before we take them and put them in the garbage. Great tips.
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    Rant and *spoiler* for Dancing With the Stars

    Definitely read that Jezebel piece. this is what they are doing: Here's a hint: They don't have to be VALID email addresses to register them with, there is apparently no validation process. The just have to be formatted like a valid email address, and you must use a valid zip...
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    Rant and *spoiler* for Dancing With the Stars

    I haven't watched a single episode and had no desire to once I heard bristol was going to be on the show. She is not a star so why is she on a show called Dancing With The Stars. Didn't watch last season when Tom Delay was on - I mean seriously did the show run out of has beens that they have...
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    Now I am angry...

    Tsk. Tsk. Don't be fooled. The US has the 8th lowest corporate tax rates in the world at 28%. Average is 36%. Denmark at 59% - that's a lot. US corporations have plenty of loopholes, offshore accounts and lawyers to prevent them from paying all the taxes they owe to the government. Unions...
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    Now I am angry...

    He went to India to bring back jobs. According to the reports he's bringing back 50,000 plus. When I say bringing back I mean India is going to purchase goods from US companies. That is the main purpose of the trip. I would also like to mention that prior to the mid-terms Democrats...
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    Low carb desserts?

    I made this cheesecake for christmas once and it was sooooooooooo good. low carb and easy to make.
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    Martha wanna be magazine

    I think you should really get the Martha Stewart magazine. She grates your nerves but its for your sister. Real Simple is good, but its not enough DIY/cooking to satisfy your sister. Cooks Illustrated is great, but I would recommend an online subscription - she would get unlimited access to...
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    Regulating use of food stamps in NYC...

    Get another job? who knew it was so easy? Yes there are people who abuse the system, but there are millions more that don't. Whether its a private or public program there will always be abusers. At some point that person now on food stamps once paid taxes (for most of their lives) and yes...
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    People want jobs but......

    maybe the position is still open because its commission only. I avoid those positions all the time. Never knowing what my pay will be or if I will have any pay terrifies me.
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    So I think I found the secret to weight loss

    Totally agree I only keep foods in the house that don't trigger my taste buds and stick with foods that just keep me full and energetic. So that means naturally flavored seltzer instead of diet soda or almond butter instead of peanut butter. I like what I eat, but I have to choose foods that...
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    Dairy and Acne

    a pimple takes about 2 weeks to form so its probably not dairy. For me, my skin is calm when I cut back on sugar. The sugar affects my insulin levels which then sends my hormones out of whack which pumps up the oil in my skin and TADAAAH! a zit :mad: And it really gets out of hand around my period.
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    Totally OT: Lebron James Sucks!!!

    I barely follow sports but I know enough to ask- Miami? seems like such a cop out.
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    QVC : FYI

    They are having 5 easy pay on everything - everything, all of it, todo. So if there was a walking vest you wanted from cathe or p90x or Insanity or anything else and were waiting for an easy pay. You got 3 hours.
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    New study: working out on empty stomach

    Ninety-nine percent of the time I exercise on an empty stomach. For me, an empty stomach doesn't mean that I'm starving or lacking energy. There have been times though where I waited too long to eat and got so hungry that I put off the workout until later in the day.
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    I don't get it

    This is strange to me. I have never hosted a bbq, but growing up, my mother's problem was always that more people came than was invited. it happens to one of my friends and her husband now - always more people AND hours late. same rudeness though. my mother's and my friends solution? -...
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    Who Asked You??

    Those people are telling you the excuses they tell themselves. They know they should be working out, but they fear a heart attack or bad knees. It's not a knock on you.