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    Premix Question

    Thanks alot.
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    Premix Question

    SNM: I don't know if this has been posted or not, if so I apoligize in andvance. Will there be a premix with all of the upper body weight work in the new series? Also a total body weight workout? I also wanted to thank you for all of the updates on the blog, I have truly enjoyed...
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    Some Unfortunate News!

    Cathe, I am sorry to hear about your injury, I hope that you receive good news from you Dr. Although this is a set back, your health is more important, and I truly mean that. Take care, Terri
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    My sweet dog died. I'm so sad. :(

    I am so sorry to hear about Hunter, I know it must be very hard for you. Just think about the loving home that you gave him for ten years, and how your family spoiled and loved him and made him happy. Terri
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    Anyone have carpal tunnel surgery?

    I am reading the different posts and they have been very helpful for me. I have tendonitis in my right wrist and thumb and am going through therapy right now. I am also doing the different exercises and have quit typing so much. Time has really helped me. I no longer have the pain in my...
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    Hardcore Shipping Announcement

    Thank you so much for the update, it is really appreciated. Terri:D
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    Update as of Nov 14th

    I just wanted to let you know how much your work is appreciated. You continue to try and find ways to please your customer. Thanks for the update, everything sounds like it is going great. Terri:)
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    Body Fat Scales

    I don't think those scales read the body fat correctly, they are usually off. However, I do believe they are very accurate at measuring your weight.
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    Lots of cathe on ebay..???

    Hello, I wanted to add that you may want to purchase your DVDs from Cathe. Even though the resellers may have purchased them from bulk from Cathe, if the DVD is defective, you can not return it, only they can do it. At least if the dvd is defective you can always contact Cathe and obtain a...
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    Hardcore Premix Update 9/20/04

    I would like to see kick box workout with strength training in between cardio segments to make a kick box circuit workout. The strength segments should be from the heavy work outs w/the slower count. I really enjoyed the premix from the KJ & P & L&G workouts. It would be nice to have a...
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    cathe- premixes

    I would like to keep the same amount of premixes. I would also like to have premixes of two different workouts. I have always love those features on you disc. I would rather have premixes than workout blender. Terri
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    Hardcore Presale starts Now!

    My order is in, now I can rest and take my note down.:-) :D
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    Am I the only one who was wiped out by HSTA? Oh My!

    RE: Hard Core High Step Training!! Can you guy imagine that Cathe could make an even harder HST workout. This is really scary. The HST Avanced is kicking me & my spouse's butt. I can't wait to see what is in store. Terri Be Afraid!!!
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    We're Filming Again!

    This new series sounds like you are going to take us to the next level. My body needs it. I am really pleased with the type of series you have planned and love the advanced level. I will definitely order this series. Bring on the pre-order. Terri :D :D :D :D :D Can't you tell how...
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    Am I the only one who was wiped out by HSTA? Oh My!

    RE: Am I the only one who was wiped out by HSTA? Oh My... I know exactly how you feel. This is one tough video. I am experimenting with a roation. I want to the HSTA twice a week, BC once a week, HST Intermediate once a week, one heavy upperbody workout, and one kick boxing. I just got...
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    Janis Saffell lovers need help

    I just wanted to add that I tried this work out for the first time today and was really pleased with it. I heard you guys talk about it so much and it sounded like something I would like because of the circuit style training. I have to admit I am pretty tired because I have been doing the the...
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    New DVD update - 4-24-2004

    Thanks for the update, it is really appreciated. I can allow myself to get really excited now. Terri:D
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    Why PLB/PUB??

    Roylene, I hope I can help. I am biased because this is may favorite weight work out w//Cathe. My husband has worked out w/all of her strength tapes and these are his favorites too. Pyramids & S&H are different from Cathe other strength work outs. It allows you to get stronger and really...
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    Pyramid Video Questions

    Kimmy, I also wanted to suggest that if you have a wide range of weights, you can use dumbells in PLB. Cathe also makes this suggesstion in the video. I set my barbell at my heaviest weight, and use dumbbells(?spelling) for the lighter weights. These workouts are my favorites. But, if it...
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    FIT TV wants your input

    Here you go!! 1) Weekdays @ 4:00PM and Weekends @ 7:00AM. 2) Mon-Wed-Thurs @4:00PM, Sat-Sun @ 7:00AM, Tues @ 12:00PM. 3) Yes I get FIT TV and I do watch it. a) Body building competitions for male and female, Female fitness competitions, triathlons, profiling someone in preperation for...