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    I have a cable that allows me to hook my iPad to the tv.
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    Received today on the outer banks of nc
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    Cable of ipod touch/ipad to TV?

    Depends on the tv you have. I have the composite from apple and so far no issues
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    Thoughts on invisible fencing?

    I also have an invisible fence. My chocolate lab has only been shocked once or twice. The collar chimes an alerts when she is close to the line.
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    Brazilian Blowout

    My hair still has all of it's natural curl. At the salon, they guessed it was about 40 percentage less curly. I can wear it either way. I wished I has taken a picture the day before to compare for myself. The most dramatic difference was how much easier it was to style.
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    Brazilian Blowout

    The eye irritation was not bad at all. The fan they provided kept the smell from being overwhelming and I didn't think it was as bad as being in the salon with a perm at the next station. Good luck. I would love to see the before and after. Carol
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    Brazilian Blowout

    I have done it twice and loved the results. My hair is also very thick and curly add that to the humidity of the Outer Banks & there is no such thing as a good hair day. The salon I went to does them near in a well ventilated area and offers a small fan if the fumes bother you and will only...
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    Connecting IPOD to TV to play work outs...question

    No problem. I have an older tv so I was pretty sure it would work. I bought without looking and lucked out that it worked. I have also used the cables when traveling. So far it has been wonderful to watch the downloads on tv.
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    Connecting IPOD to TV to play work outs...question

    Depends on your tv. There are two cables that you can get through Apple. The component (video is green, blue & red) or the composite (video is yellow).
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    Workout Blender and New Videos

    Thank you. I tried looking last night but I think 8 pm may be a little too late for such technical problems.
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    Workout Blender and New Videos

    I downloaded the workout blender and imported some of the shock cardio videos without issue. Unfortunately, when I try to import the new series I see the following error message - This video format is not supported. Please visit to purchase videos that work with...
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    Loving my new Ipad

    Yep. Love my iPad, iPhone, & of course my trusty iPod. Much easier to use the downloads with the iPad though.
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    Dog bite statistics

    Have you considered golden retrievers? My sister has one that she got when her son was 3. She has always been gentle and patience with my nephew even let him bury her in the sand when he was six. She is also good with other dogs.
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    Let's Talk St. Bernards

    My vote would be for another lab. Here's my furry baby. She's grown a little more since that picture.
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    Low back/spine arthritis

    My husband has a similar problem, where they have diagnosed him with spinal stenosis. He went through a number of epidural like you described (including the multiple poking). The shots like that helped some but we recently went to a pain management clinic where they do epidurals guided by an...
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    Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??

    Michelle, My husband and I were married in the USVI about two years ago. Very easy since you are still in the US - no additional paperwork with the US State Dept, waiting periods, or blood tests. We stayed at the Westin St. John and were married on the beach at Hawks Nest Bay...
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    Breast Cancer

    Sharon I hope things are going well with your Mom. I have experienced breast cancer - myself and mother. My mom has had two mastectomies - one in 86 with reconstruction and another about 20 years later without reconstruction. She recovered from both without a lot of difficulty. I was...
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    buy cat food online

    You can also try or I have used both since I live about an 1 1/2 from the nearest pet store.
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    Stereotactic Breast Biopsy?

    I had the same procedure done in 2008. I spent about an hour laying on my stomach. The needle used to numb the area was painful but not the worst part. I don't believe that I took more than two days off and just started back with lighter weights. Hope all is well - been down that road...
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    Nike + ipod Running Kit

    I have one and love it - I use a marware pouch instead of the Nike shoes. Not sure about the Human Race on the 24th - waiting to see what the weather may be like.