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    The Crazy Cat Lady and the animal shelter....

    Lisa - That is the best sentence I have ever heard. I absolutely LOVE that - thank you for saying it!
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    changes in body rhythms

    I agree with Kathryn - getting up at 4:30 am does get old. However, just as she said, I won't get a workout in unless it's in the morning so I do what I gotta do. On the very few occasions I have worked out after work, I found that I had less engergy and just felt blah. I'm obviously used...
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    Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??

    What's the etiquette of having a destination wedding? Are the bride & groom supposed to pay for plane tickets for the guests? What about hotels? And do you still have a reception? When I get married, I'm seriously considering the destination wedding!! Seems like the perfect place to get...
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    Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??

    Thank you, wendy loo!! I can imagine how gorgeous your wedding was - it all looks so beautiful! We may have to look at the Virgin Islands now. Those pictures and prices are fantastic and knowing you had a great experience and recommend them really helps. And our big thing is we don't want...
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    Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??

    Thanks for the info girls!! I guess I'm just looking for and do's and don'ts that I might not realize I need to think about. It all seems pretty easy - show up with papers and dress and get married! There's sooo much information out there and I don't know where to start. But we did find an...
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    Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??

    Michelle, What you and your DH did is exactly what we want to do - all inclusive resort, barefoot on the beach, have witnesses provided, and have pictures/video at the reception. All with as little stress as possible! There's so much information out there and I want to be sure I'm not...
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    I'm thankful for...

    The sun, which was absent for the entire month of February!
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    Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??

    Anyone have any experience/comments on this? I got engaged 2 weeks ago and my fiance and I want to go somewhere tropical, just the two of us, for a 'weddingmoon' and we're really wanting to go to Cayman Islands. We're going to have a big reception a month or two after the wedding, but we...
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    what do you think about jari love's new workout

    I liked it at first, but now I never do it because it has such a dread factor. It's a good workout, but I would rather do Cathe. Plus, the biggest thing that bugs me about Jari is that she isn't even on both sides when we are splitting left and right body parts. Like, she'll do 50 reps on one...
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    Patellar tendonitis anyone??

    Nan, Ok, so when I go to the chiropractor, he puts those things on my back. I know exactly what you're talking about now - the 'bzzzzz bzzzz' made sense to me! Maybe the chiro can put them on my knee?? Hmmmm . . . . . . . I didn't bang my knee or anything like that, it's just a bump...
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    Patellar tendonitis anyone??

    Thanks so much, Zozo!! What you say makes a lot of sense, with the directional changes and contact with the step. I haven't really used Cathe's HiIT dvds yet, just did all of them once, but will think about doing those instead of step for a few weeks to see if I see any changes. If not, I'll...
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    Patellar tendonitis anyone??

    Drill type - like Drill Max and Insanity??! I agree, I like step for variety and just a fun workout, but it's really doing a number on my body as I get older, even with one riser instead of two. I saw that you just got Insanity!! Isn't it insane, but the BEST workout??!! Thanks for your...
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    Patellar tendonitis anyone??

    Zozo, I have this bump right under my knee cap and under the place where the doctor hits to check reflexes. It's about the size and shape of a jumbo jellybean or jordan almond. It hurts after I do cardio (step, running, floor) for hours. Movements that involve using the steps (walking down...
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    Patellar tendonitis anyone??

    Thanks, Nan! What's electrical stimulation?? Can you do that at home or is it an office procedure?
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    Patellar tendonitis anyone??

    Has anyone here ever experienced this or know someone who has? After researching this painful bump under my kneecap, I believe I have this. (I had tendonitis on my achilles tendon before so I suppose I'm prone to tendonits). I've had pain for about two months now and the last few weeks have...
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    Body-face disconnect & make-up

    I totally agree with sammy123 and Philosophy. I use both products mentioned (and others!) and wouldn't be without them, especially the serum. They have made a world of difference in my skin. Philosophy's cleanser, Purity Made Simple, is the BEST cleanser ever for taking off make up. Plus, it...
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    Step, Jump, Pump and Step Blast

    This is one of my favorite DVDs from Cathe. I had it for about 2 years before I pulled it out and tried it - but when I did, I did Step Blast twice a week for two months, that's how much I loved it!! And Step, Pump, Jump is an awesome circuit workout too. I love the Hi/Lo portions of it...
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    Mineral makeup users ... how often to wash your brushes

    In a perfect world, I wash them once a month. But it's usually more like every 6 - 8 weeks. I know it's time to wash them when I put on my foundation/mineral veil and my makeup doesn't look good, you know what I mean? First thing in the morning, makeup should be at it's prime, but when my...
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    Peanut Butter Protein Balls.

    MMMMMM - these are delicious!! I made them today and will be getting more honey at the store to make another batch soon. Thanks so much for posting the recipe!
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    Keep doing what you're doing Cathe!

    Hi Cathe!! Just wanted to thank you for making the best videos out there!! I've never posted to you before, but I saw the other thread and some of the comments made and felt that I needed to show my support!!:):) Thank you for all you do and keep up the fantastic work!! I am LOVING my...