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  1. Val C

    X10 X77

    Did the whole 77 minutes today, except for the burpees. It was tough! Almost killed me, and not softly!
  2. Val C

    Pedal Power Review

    This is off the chain! Loved it!
  3. Val C

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    Checking in. Still here!
  4. Val C

    I thought you should know....

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father. May you find some comfort and peace during this difficult time.
  5. Val C

    August 2013 Rotation

    Question on total body trisets Are we to do a premix total body workout in this rotation? I am really enjoying this rotation.
  6. Val C


    HIIT I have to say I am enjoying this one too. Although I haven't done the last pyramid workout (frankly I'm scared, in a good way, of course) I do enjoy 30/30 and 40/20, with modifications. I was doing 30/30 yesterday, and my daughter commented, "Many humans were harmed in the making of...
  7. Val C


    I also would love it if Cathe produced a cycling video!!
  8. Val C

    Anyone back from the 10 a.m. class???

    Awwwwhhh. Thank you all.
  9. Val C

    Anyone back from the 10 a.m. class???

    Non-skinny girls By the way, NY25, you can see I very well represented the non-skinny girls this morning.
  10. Val C

    Anyone back from the 10 a.m. class???

    Back from the 10 am class. It was wonderful. Cathe kicked my butt, at least, but I think I can safely say she kicked all of our butts. It's amazing what can be done with five pound weights. I think the workout lasted about 30 minutes. We did squats, side lunges, slide back lunges with the...
  11. Val C

    STS Check In Disc 24

    Love, love, love STS. I'm off to Punta Cana next week for my active recovery!! I will do cardio. Cathe, you're great, as always!!
  12. Val C

    Join me if your here now :-)

    Hi Cathe, How are you? Having gotten the new DVD's, I just want to say thanks again for the quality and great workouts. Having worked out with you since Megastep Blast, I just have to say you are the greatest. I'll be working out with you, hopefully, until well into my 70's. Keep up the...
  13. Val C

    Where'd ya go, what'd ya do?

    Sounds like a great evening. May I suggest next time, for celebration, that you take in the play Jersey Boys and then afterwards go to Bobby Flay's Bar Americain?? :9 Looking forward to the new workouts, and especially the Ipod workouts. Then I can take you on vacation to work out anytime. :D
  14. Val C

    WORKOUT BLENDER SOFTWARE! You Just Blew My Mind!!!!!

    Oh, my goodness!!! That is so exciting I just have to de-lurk!!! Wonderful!! :7 :7 :7
  15. Val C

    “It’s Official! 2007 Cathe Road Trip!”

    Uh-oh!!! Sounds like I'll be spending more money on my credit card than my husband wants me to!!!}(
  16. Val C

    Wow, Cathe!!! Thank you so much!

    Ditto on the thanks. It is a nice addition. Thanks again!!:D :D
  17. Val C

    UPDATE 1/5/06

    Thanks for the update, Cathe. Please feel better.
  18. Val C

    Update 12/30/05

    Let's see: I started working out with Cathe with MegaStep Blast. Her workouts, even back then, were far superior to all others, for me. Back then I got her workouts from Collage Video, as this forum had not been set up yet. Every time I got the Collage catalog and saw she had a new workout...
  19. Val C

    Cathe, I was just wondering . . .

    How long it will be before your clever little boys use things you say in your workouts to their advantage? For instance, "What you do to one you must do to the other"?? It will be interesting how long before that occurs.:D :D Also, I wanted to thank you for the music you used on the High...
  20. Val C

    Cathe (in praise of Low Max)

    I also have to say how much I loved Low Max. I thought that I wouldn't be happy if you didn't make a high-impact tape, but, boy was I wrong. It's low impact, but it is very challenging. I do second that I'd be looking forward to a Low Max 2 (whenever you're ready, no rush!!!) Thanks again!!