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  1. 4fitNphun

    Rate My Professor?

    Don't pay any attention to those negative comments. They are mostly from lazy bums and trouble makers in class. I had taken a math class with a professor with horrible rating on the site. Going into class, I was expecting the professor to be horrible. I found that professor was one of the...
  2. 4fitNphun

    WiFi scale??

    Hi I was reading the papers this morning and came across an article said a French Tech firm came out with a scale that is WiFi capable and will automatically transmit info to your personal page and/or iphone. Even has iphone app. which will graph the data. Price tag is about $160...
  3. 4fitNphun

    Where do you get the motivation?

    Hi During the workouts, all I think about is the workout, whether be weight lifting or gasping for air and trying to keep with Cathe, Amy or Kelly. I get to forget anything that bothered me for at least an hour so. It's like meditation (I call it dynamic meditation). My mind gets a break...
  4. 4fitNphun

    ball of foot issues

    Hi I am definitely not an expert here, but your feet may be inflammed from high impact aerobics or other causes. You said you don't feel as much with shoes with cushion. I am stating the obvious but support or Cushions soften the impact and you don't feel as much so for the next few weeks...
  5. 4fitNphun

    Hello everyone!!

    Hi Barbara, I am sorry you haven't been feeling your best but glad to read that you have found your long lost friends on Facebook. Seeing them and catching to them in person would perk you up. But you can always come and chat here as well whenever you feel the need for company. Hope your...
  6. 4fitNphun

    Insanity Cardio Recovery disc

    Hi Everyone, I had just ordered the Insanity this Monday and supposed to be receiving it next Monday. I ordered the Deluxe package. I was wondering how the extra workouts are integrated into the rotation? Is it used in similar method as Charlean Xtreme Deluxe package where the xtra DVD are...
  7. 4fitNphun

    How many from San Diego?

    Me! From Arcadia which is close to Pasadena. I am dragging my sister and a friend along.
  8. 4fitNphun

    hiitdogs and dog lovers -- cooking for your dog?

    Very cute pictures!!! I use ground turkey for meat with chopped carrots, and some green beans for veggies. I use turmeric powder, little bit of minced garlic, minced ginger, and salt for seasoning. I make it a little wet so when I reheat the meat over brown rice, the rice gets nice flavor...
  9. 4fitNphun

    SNM, mistake in workout card #13

    Hi I use barbell.
  10. 4fitNphun

    Free Jamba Juice

    Hi I thought I'd share this coupon from Jamba Juice. Not sure if they are all over the country but there are plenty of them in So. Cal. Plz click on the link to print coupon. Enjoy. Penny
  11. 4fitNphun

    Should I be committed?

    You are not alone. I am losing more patience with people who lack filter or with people who just babble on about things they have no knowledge of but act and talk like they are the experts on the subject. There are always ignorant people, but I think I am just losing patience more and more.
  12. 4fitNphun

    City of Los Angeles Paying for Jackson Memorial Service?

    The family and the Staples Center should help pay for the cost of security and all that stuff the city has to provide. Some of the roads have been closed since Friday and for the people who has to work around that area, it's gonna be hell on Tuesday. The city fired all those teachers because...
  13. 4fitNphun

    Resistence Band help

    Hi The bands come with different resistance level: from light to extra heavy. So you buy them, you just need to look for a band with heavier resistance than what he is using now. Hope this helps. Penny.
  14. 4fitNphun

    STS Users: Is STS repetitive?

    Hi Brandie You should ask your friend to ask that trainer if he or she has even tried STS before dissing STS. I'd bet she/he would be blown away by the intensity and the result of STS. I am only just finishing my 5th week (Meso 2, finished disc 15 today) and I am already seeing the results...
  15. 4fitNphun

    concert tickets...a rant

    Ya... I thought they should be paying us for buying the tickets online AND printing the tickets on our printers. We use our ink, our paper which saves them their paper and ink... but we get charged convenience by them!!
  16. 4fitNphun

    R there any Career Counselors here?

    Hi This link was provided by Cal Poly Pomona. It's a personality test. Another one provided by Cal Poly Pomona. You can click on "California Careerzone" and it will lead you to other assessments you can do. Try it out...
  17. 4fitNphun

    BD-3 or D-8 Valor Squat Stands

    How are you planning on using it as a pull up station? By just resting a barbell across the catches? Just curious. I am not sure that it will be safe for you to use it as a pull up tower. Sad though that these BD stands can be used as squat stands and even for bench presses but not for...
  18. 4fitNphun

    Recovery Week - Muscle stiffness in the morning and after sitting for a long time

    Hi I am not an expert or anything, but kinda sounds like you are training alot and not really giving your body time to rest with added cardio or run on the same day as the weight workouts AND more cardio on alternative days. To me, it sounds a lot. May be if you gave yourself some time to...
  19. 4fitNphun

    Saying good bye to my dog...

    Sorry for your loss Lori. My German Shephard, Kiva, died two and half years ago. We miss her every day and pray for her everyday. As Kathryn suggested, sharing stories and memories with others help relieve a little bit of that pain. Hopefully the fact that Chico lived to 11 with fairly...
  20. 4fitNphun

    Sports Bra

    Hi I am pretty small on top (34A) so I don't need that much support, but I have always hated sports bra because they are so hard to get in and out of. I found moving comfort grace bra, which is a front closer sports bra with good support (to me and to my larger sized friends with C...