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    Favorite part of ICE??

    I haven't tried all the workouts yet. I really like the muscle meltdowns, I've done them all and wow! They fried my muscles.
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    How to incorporate Cathe Ice Workouts into 5K training

    Don't forget some sort of lower body. I haven't done To the Mat yet, but I think it is going to be a nice compliment to running.
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    How to incorporate Cathe Ice Workouts into 5K training

    I tend to just do the strength workouts and then use running for cardio. How many days per week are you running? And how long have you been using Cathe workouts? I run 5-6 days per week. I tend to do a leg workout on the same day as a run. As a beginner, this may not be a good idea. With ICE...
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    Any runners here? Looking for advice

    I tend to only do strength training from Cathe and run 4 or 5 days per week. It also depends on what my goal is at that point in time. In the winter, I tend to add more strength training or Cathe cardio if I don't feel like running in the cold or on the treadmill. If I am training for something...
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    Reverse pyramid training, I'd love for Cathe to do this

    There is a pyramid down pre-mix on the DVD that starts with the 8 reps or heaviest weights.
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    Xtrain and running

    I run 4 or 5 times per week. I typically only do the strength DVDs of rotations. This tends to fit in pretty well with running, at most I may have to double up one day where I do a run & upper body weight work. I would recommend printing out the rotation and figuring out how you think workouts...
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    Rotation with Cathe and Running

    I don't know the link, but I know I've seen ones. I run 4 or 5 days per week and do 2 or 3 strength training DVDs per week. If I see a rotation that interests me, I will do just the strength training DVDs and run the other days.
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    Does anyone else have a pitiful tuck jump!?

    Raises hand, my tuck jumps are pathetic. I just did High Step Challenge yesterday, the combo with both the air jack and tuck, I'm sure they looked similar, although I think I at least got my legs a little separated during the air jack. The jumps are way more challenging to me on carpet. Many...
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    Cheap Business Attitre

    Kohl's. If you have a credit card, they send discounts very frequently. If you need suits, they probably aren't a good option (although they do sell some separates). I get most of my dress pants & sweaters there. I buy them when they are on sale or clearance and I have a 15% or more discount.
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    Spinning - How many days per week?

    When I used to bike outside, I would go almost every day. Since it was no impact, I never needed much recovery. Of course, being 20 may have had something to do with it. Now I do spinning DVDs 2 days per week and run3 days. Maybe add easier bike sessions in where you just go at a...
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    Shoe sizing problem

    I have the same issue. I went from getting running shoes in a 9.5 to 10.5. I don't understand why athletic shoes have narrow toes. My foot doesn't have a pointy end to it. I'm lucky that I live close to Holabird Sports, so I can go try on lots of different shoes, and then still not find any.
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    Does your heart rate monitor act weird?

    I have had that issue with 2 old HRMs that I had. One was not digital and the instructions said it could pick up interference by powerlines. I run under powerlines, so my HR was either really low (like 30) or 240. The second HRM I got was a digital Timex. When it started to die a slow death, it...
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    Anyone a physical therapy assistant?

    I would recommend you look at the board of physical therapy for your state. Not sure that all states have the same details, but in Maryland, you can find the requirements for all licensed professionals on the various board websites. Another thing to consider, some facilities hire PT aides...
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    Avoiding Injuries and Getting to the Next Level

    Are you able to see a PT without a referral? May be worth finding out what is best for your situation. For example, when I asked my PT about stretching, she said in my case it was not necessary, the issue was the strength imbalance, YMMV. I forgot about upright rows, I don't do them either...
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    Avoiding Injuries and Getting to the Next Level

    Had/have this problem. I paid way too much to go to PT for 12 weeks to do upper body strength training, which is what triggered the issue in the first place. Anyway, one takeaway from PT is what exercises for me to avoid. I don't do anything overhead and am really careful with things like lying...
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    I've had it in the past, fortunately it has not been a problem in a while. Usually mine would flare up in the winter. I was told to avoid hot showers/baths (just could not bring myself to do this) and use fragrance free lotions & soap. Typically I was getting it on the backs of my hands. My best...
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    any other cardio dvds as tough as cathe?

    No one mentioned Insanity. I don't do them as a rotation. Plus, Sean T is nice to look at.
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    Curious ... does your child's school do Halloween?

    The school I work in does not officially do Halloween. We do have a Harvest dance.
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    Hardest legs DVD?

    I get the worst DOMS from the lower body portion of Tri Sets. Aside from the single leg squats at the end, it never seems that hard, but the next 2 days are painful. Last week I only did 1 set and still winced every time I sat down or got up. I think Butts and Guts is harder, but I don't wind...
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    Another "Name that XTRain song"

    Anyone know what the song is in Legs for the walking lunges? I think it is in another DVD as well, maybe a cardio one, not sure. Is it something by U2?