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  1. J

    Shock Cardio Rehearsal Mini Update

    Here's the linkto the pictures of the rehersal. They were posted on flicker.
  2. J

    Suggestions for the Cathe National Tour?

    Las Vegas!! No tour is complete without a stop in Las Vegas!
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    Clean Eating -- Please clarify

    What is the name of the cookbook?
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    Need your advice

    Hi everyone. I'm a long time lurker/occasional poster. I need your advice on the best way to loose weight. My husband has challenged me to loose weight. He has to loose 40 lbs. and I have to loose 30 lbs. Whoever gets there first gets $500 to spend however we choose without the other persons...
  5. J

    STS Express

    I love STS!!! My wish is that you make another set with the workout lengths coming in at about half an hour. It could just be one week per mesocycle.
  6. J

    Slanted risers?

    Will you be using the slanted risers in this series?
  7. J


    Super good news. Can't wait to get these!:D