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    Arthritis in hips

    I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips and have pain in my hip, knee and groin. I love working out and struggling with having to slow down. If I do too much I pay with knee pain. Anyone else with this problem?
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    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Hi, Please add me to the Facebook page. So excited!!
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    July 2012 Rotation

    STS Is the STS Plyo legs for week 3 from STS total body?
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    I need a good moisturinzing under eye concealer

    I live in Chatham, NJ and would love to know who your dermatologist is. I am 52 and have my nephew's wedding in a few weeks and wanted some professional help. Sometimes I catch my reflection in a window and I say who the hell is that!!! I use Lancome's Maquicomplet concealer and love it. It...
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    I have IBS also and find taking a scoop full of citrucel every morning has helped me enormously. I took a class at a hospital recently and the gastroentolgist recommended citrucel and phasyne (spelling) or gas-x in the morning. She also used beano for gassy foods like beans. I keep pepto-bismal...
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    Marcy . . . Cathe Compendium

    I would really appreciate your emailing me a copy of compendium. My email is: [email protected]. Thanks! Arlene