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  1. J

    Checking on support ticket

    Is there a place to be able to check on the status of a support ticket? I got an email that had a link to check on the status, but when I clicked on it, it just showed my account info. Thanks.
  2. J

    Trouble with streaming Cathe OnDemand at a gym facility

    Streaming at a lower quality today and had no issue. Thanks again.
  3. J

    Trouble with streaming Cathe OnDemand at a gym facility

    THANK YOU for the explanation. I was shocked in speaking to the management about streaming workouts, they were not aware that was a “thing”. In fact, their IT person wanted me to tell them what I learned, if anything, from you and the other web site I was having a problem streaming a workout...
  4. J

    Trouble with streaming Cathe OnDemand at a gym facility

    My gym is a large facility, only about 8 years old, and I live in a suburb of Washington DC. A couple of years ago I tried to stream workouts at the gym and it was erratic, pausing, disconnecting. I contacted the management and asked about the WiFi and they told me they were updating it and...
  5. J

    Just received DVD's and gliding discs!!!

    I live in Maryland, and the postman just dropped off a package. To my surprise it's my Cathe order!!!! I was order #79523. YAY!!! So fast!
  6. J

    sts cardio core circuit calories burned

    STS strength Is it possible for your body to become "used to" STS? I have done it about 6 times, and decided I need to do something different. But I love how there is so much variety. And because its a no brainer, I tend to always go back to it. I really don't like P90x, just because you...
  7. J

    Can't print my workout card

    I'm getting a fatal error message everytime I try and print my workout card for today. This has happened in the past one or two times. But I would refresh the page and it would print. But I've tried several times this morning and I keep getting the same message. Everything else works fine...
  8. J

    Not all of Cathe's Downloads are compatible with the Workout Blender

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it a "glitch" and that all downloads should be working in the blender as they work through the issues? If that's the case, I don't think it means there are downloads that aren't compatible. Or am I misunderstanding?
  9. J

    Chapter Thumbnails not working

    cardio core circuit, circuit blast, hiit 30-30, hiit pyramid, mma fusion, mma heavy bag bonus, mma kickbox and travel fit. Hmm, I guess its more than half. I was able to put all the downloads into my video selection in the workout blender prior to doing the instructions that you wrote above...
  10. J

    Chapter Thumbnails not working

    Not working I did what you said and found them, yay, but when I try to import them, it says they are not supported and to purchase from It wasn't a problem before. Again, it's about half of them that are not downloading.
  11. J

    Chapter Thumbnails not working

    I did this and I have a pc running windows vista. (Actually my son did who's more computer savy then me.) I still can not create a video, but worse, I can't find my Cathe video downloads in my computer folder. They are only on itunes, and half will import and the other half show a box saying...
  12. J

    Shock cardio downloads

    So when you a convert a file to play on an ipad or ipod, the original will still be stored on your computer, right?
  13. J

    Shock cardio downloads

    Never mind I went to where they were stored on my computer and was able to transfer them to the workout blender from there.
  14. J

    Shock cardio downloads

    I have them stored in my itunes files and have converted them to ipod files. When I try to put them into the workout blender, they show up and then disappear and a popup that says only Cathe downloads are supported and to go to the Cathe download site to purchase. MMA DID transfer, but none of...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Don't know if its too late for you to read this but I'm at a hotel in NC, driving HOME from DISNEYWORLD!! We were there on 6-28 till today, staying at the Polynesian. This was a side trip after being in Key West for about a week. My husband and 2 boys (much bigger than yours, 17 and 14) and...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    A little background...I'm 51 and more of a cardio junkie. I've done Cathe's videos and belonged to a gym for the past 10 years. I would occasionally do weight work, but mostly would either take step, kickboxing, and/or spin classes. Several years ago I started to run and enter half marathons...
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    Where's the 20% off coupon?

    I printed out my invoice which is #185, but I never received an email confirmation. I checked my junk email etc. I have received notifications of cathe tv so I'm sure you have my email correct. I have also sent an email to gocathe. I hope my preorder is ok.
  18. J

    Where's the 20% off coupon?

    I preordered STS Shock Cardio and printed out my invoice, but I didn't see any 20% off coupon. How do I find that? Thanks
  19. J

    STS disc problem

    Pristine and working... I checked all my discs for flaws and they all are perfect. Disc 14 works fine for me as well.
  20. J

    adding rotations into calendar

    I was able to do this a couple of days ago, but this morning when I go to add a rotation it takes me to the screen where I need to add the rotation, but there's nothing there. Whether I want to add a Cathe or forum user. I went to the tutorial to make sure I was doing everything right and I...