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    Cathe Live Discount Coupon

    Yay! I wonder if I need to wait until my current subscription runs out on Sunday or if the renewal will tack on to the end.
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    Cathe Live Discount Coupon

    I am wondering the same thing too. My subscription is about to expire. I will go back to monthly billing if there isn't a discount for a year long subscription. :)
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    Met values for Cathe Live workouts?

    That would be awesome. I would also love to have a specific Cathe Live icon (like the one for a generic cardio day). That way I'm not recording a DVD when I haven't done it.
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    help with shoes

    I also workout barefoot (in grippy toe socks) because every single shoe I've tried hurts my instep. I finally found a pair of cheap sneakers at Target that work for everyday wear so I am going to bring those and hope for the best. I''m nervous my feet will hurt the whole time! I may end up...
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    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    I'm going too! I live in Florence, AL. I started exercising with Cathe on FitTv in 2005. This will be my first roadtrip! I'm excited!!!
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    Yeast Infections

    I don't suffer from this myself but a friend of mine had yeast so badly that she would get a rash on her whole body. She followed the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates (it's a book) and had great success. The diet is very strict while you are ridding your body of yeast but it seemed healthy to me...
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    Cathe Classes via Webcam

    This would be awesome!
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    Tralaiven That sucks!!!! I hope you are feeling ok and not in too much pain. Here's hoping you don't need surgery! Is anyone interested in moving this to the check-ins forum? I'm not creative enough to come up with a name. I would love to have a check in. I did cardio and abs this morning...
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    tralaiven I think a second round of STS is a good thing. :) I bet you will see amazing results with STS and the change in your cardio routine! I am jealous of both of you gals riding bikes. I've always thought that would be something I'd enjoy. Maybe someday. dirtdiva I am also in awe of your...
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    Has anyone done STS 6X per wk for 7 wks?

    I'm also doing a variation of this thanks to this thread. I am in Meso 1 and I am doing each disc twice as in the 6 month rotation. So each week I do each disc two times. I am only in week 1 (completed disc 2 for the second time today) but I think I am really going to like it. After I...
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    Starting STS postpartum

    I've had great success using STS to get back into shape postpartum. I started at 7 weeks pp and I am starting my final week of meso 3 tomorrow!! I am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy body. I only have 3 more pounds to lose but since I'm breastfeeding I'm not being super restrictive with...
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    Reviews for postnatal ab workouts?

    Hi Mommies! I haven't been able to check in like I wanted to because I found I either had time to workout or time to check-in. Not both. :) My question is has anyone had success with either Lose your Mummy Tummy or the video Bounce back Fast? I still have a diastasis recti. I...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    11 weeks post partum meso 1 results Woo Hoo! I'm so excited I have to share my mesocycle 1 results! I had my second daughter almost 12 weeks ago. She weighed 10 lbs 2 oz at birth and I gained 40 pounds with her pregnancy. Everything about my second pregnancy was different, including the...
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    Lil' Mamas June 28--July 5

    Hi Mommies! Just a quick note to let you all know I'm still here. Anna is awake up there so I don't have much time though. We've had a busy, but fun couple of days. We went to my mom's and made red, white and blue sugar cookies this morning. I can resist the cookies but the dough gets me every...
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    Lil' Mamas June 28--July 5

    Candra- Holy smokes! I'm just waiting for our first trip to the ER. I don't have boys but Anna is adventurous and fearless so I'm thinking she'll give us a run for our money too. I also hate unannounced visitors. Don't people realize I need 20 minutes to pick up the toys and run the vacuum! :)...
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    Lil' Mamas June 28--July 5

    Hi Ladies! Stephanie- I've found the easiest and best way for me to drink protein powder is to just mix it with milk in the magic bullet. It makes it kinda frothy and gets the powder mixed up pretty well. I had a couple mishaps just trying to stir it in and the powder got all clumpy. Yuck...
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    baby mamas - june 22-28

    Hi Mommies! To the mommies who use baby's as "weighted vests," do you actually wear them while you are working out or are you talking about just while you are going about your day? I always think of that when I'm carrying Ellie in the wrap but I'm hesitant to actually work out while I'm...
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    baby mamas - june 22-28

    Can I join you ladies? Hi Ladies! I'm hoping to join your check-in. I'm a mommy to two girls, Anna who is 20 months and Ellie who is 4.5 weeks. I am really frustrated that I am still up 15 pounds (I was back in my skinny jeans by 2 weeks pp with Anna) and am getting serious about my...