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    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    I am still here too ......lurking. I have been on the forum for about 10 years now. I don't have much time to post anymore but I still do my Cathe workouts daily. Just received the new workouts on Thursday. Can't wait to try the step workouts. I previewed them today. Cathy
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    Any Forty-Somethings out there who are struggling?

    Dear icumom, Similar to you I have learned that diet is the major part of the equation. I would work out about 10 -12 hours a week (75% cardio 25% strength training ) and didn't pay too much attention to my diet. I didn't overheat that much but didn't pay too much attention to food as fuel for...
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    Daily Deal

    Enjoy Terminator . It is one of my top 3 cathe favs
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    Who else loves their Keurig?

    Love my Keurig too! I am on my second one. Wore my first one out after about 5 years of faithful service. The previous company I worked with had industrial sized Keurig brewers hooked up to the water supply in the kitchenettes. This was a great company perk ( pun intended). :) Love this coffee...
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    Any reviews for Peak Fit Challenge out there?

    Hi, I caved and bought these. They just arrived the other day. I bought the series to see if they will help me break thru a weight plateau. I moved to Boston three years ago and put on 12 lbs. I started watching my weight and upped my Cathe workouts and have lost 8 of the 12 lbs but have been...
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    Lower Back Question

    Lately ( past few months), I have noticed that the bones around my spine in very low back are shifting and popping way too much when I stand or sit. No pain and I don't notice when I am working out. The frequency and extent of the shifting are very disturbing. I have a doc appointment but it's...
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    Kettlebell help

    Thanks. I think part of the problem is the adjustable Weider Kettlebell I have. It is much larger and wider than the Kettlebells used in the video. I think I will purchase the Kettlebells recommended here. Thanks!
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    Feeling discouraged.. and arm cellulite question lol

    I would also talk to your physician. Some medications are known to slow down your metabolism and make it difficult to lose weight even though you are doing everything right. Maybe the med you are on is the culprit. And it sounds like you are doing everything right. I would also ask for a...
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    Kettlebell help

    Hi educated crowd. I am new to the Kettlebell thing and I bought Paul K. Kettlebell Drills as my intro workout to kettle bells. I also bought an adjustable weight Kettlebell which I think was a big is too big and clunky and I now have bruises on both forearms as well as the middle...
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    Gym Styles

    I agree. I bought gym Styles years ago and love them. I frequently go to these. Not to confuse you put CTX is also very good for a change of pace. Cathy
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    Need new leg exercise ideas

    In addition to the excellent ideas already posted, I would suggest leg pulley/ cable work. If you want to do this at home I would suggest investing in the purchase of a Bowflex Revolution. You can add a tremendous amount of resistance to these. You can also do leg curls and extensions on the...
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    Paul Katami's Kettlebell dvd's

    I think I will get the Kettlebell Drill DVD to start. I recently purchased an adjustable kettle bell but the DVD that came with it was defective. The reviews I have read on the Kombo DVD were not as good as for the kettle bell drill DVD. Cathy
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    Supreme 90- chest, shoulders, triceps review

    You can either use the coupon that comes in a mailing to you from bbb or stop at a bbb and pick up a flyer which usually has a coupon attached. I am not certain if there are coupons on the bbb Internet site. You can check. Cathy
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    Enough already

    Need to see the attachment to appreciate this. Hope it attached. Catgy
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    working out + time management

    Try breaking down the it lack of time due to your course, thesis, work load, do you miss teaching fitness classes, or are you holding yourself up to your old standard of 20 hours a week and demotivated because you know you can't realize that kind of workout schedule anymore. If...
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    Protein shakes and protein powder

    Ditto what Kathryn said. Protein is extracted from real food and as it is concentrated , certain other components also found in "real food" are also concentrated, things such as heavy metals. Heavy metals are part of our world and are found in the soil, plants, and in the animals that eat off...
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    Thus does look interesting. Is TRX very different from cable work on some gym equipment like the BowFlex Revolution or the Total Body Gym. Any detail on the differences would be greatly appreciated How much does it cost, is it difficult to assemble and how much space would one need to for this...
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    Hand Pain from Heavy Weight Training

    Yes, I have the same problem, both in hands and wrists. . The use of good gloves when weightlifting has helped but not eliminated the problem. They help me not grip the weights so hard and help keep my wrists in alignment. I also have a squat rack for heavy barbell work and that prevents a lot...
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    What is up with FitTV?

    Yes, it's no longer the FitTV that I want to watch. I am glad however that I got the opportunity to enjoy it when it REALLY was a Fit TV network. Alas, no longer. Much of the programming seems to overlap with the new OWN network oddly or not so oddly enough. Many similar type of programs. Maybe...