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  1. thefirstleela

    Lifting the same and more then when I was young, Good? or Injury for the future?

    I'm only 54, but I have to say if you can lift heavier now than 12 years ago - great. If your struggling/hard feels bad then maybe see a doctor - from what I've read, exercise build bone as well as muscle and I have to believe your ligaments are strong. It seems illogical to back off only due...
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    Important News About Cathe Live

    Is this why my Apple TV and iOS on demand apps no longer accept my membership? I can log into my paid-for-the-year account via the web, but the apps no longer work on iOS or Apple TV - they want me to buy a subscription through the App Store - so it doesn't recognize that I'm a member already...
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    My iOS app and TV app don't recognize I have a subscription any more for onDemand. Live still works

    I can log in and stream from my laptop using appleTV, but my app on the appleTV and my iPhone both think I don't have an account. Not sure what happened because this used to work. Hope you can help
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    Please stop screaming during Live workouts.

    More screaming. Warrior cries! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We're Done!

    Wohooooooo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4 weeks in, 7 #s down

    Oh my goodness. We have similar biomechanical issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pigeon toed and have hyper flexible ligaments as well, which means it's easy for my ankles to hurt. Also flat footed. Sheesh. I had no chance, did i? I don't like high impact and it took me years to understand...
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    Awesome Rotation

    Thanks for being specific about your results and where you had them. That helps alot for someone like me who's looking for specific results. This looks like a lot of endurance leg and cardio! I think for what I want, a good choice! Thank you for posting!
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    Fat layer

    The same thing happened to me at 45. I'm now 49 and still grapple, but what worked was clean diet.
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    Pure Strength, Pure Love

    I love this. I think it came out right around the time I gave birth to my oldest. End of 90s... I was 33.
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    Thanks for this. Turn 50 in 2015 and yeah it's achier than I ever thought
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    Can I Just Vent?

    Getting older is not easy because our value to the world changes. How others treat us changes and it's hard. I used tp be cute. At work 25 years ago I was that cute engineer that guys would come to talk to. Now I'm mom. I'm far more serious and focused and don't want to be considered that cute...
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    Sorry to miss a day! Yesterday was a blizzard! So I did the 3 hour shovel out my stairs and near my car workout (We have a plow guy come do the driveway, but 21 inches of snow meant lots of leftovers around the 2 cars) It was fun though. Today I did disk 4 of meso 1. Chest, shoulders...
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    Kristen, my pushups start out on toes, but they are shallow and then I drop to knees after a few I DID workout. I did disk 3, meso 1 (legs) followed by 14 minute jog. I am fried, but feel fantastic. also ate really clean today so I feel energized. I know that if I keep doing what I'm...
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    ballet-dog fit44, what an adorable picture of your dog!
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    My check-in Friday was not a good day. For some reason, despite eating healthy, I had a major energy crash. So I went to bed. Saturday, I had limited time in the morning to work out due to a plethora of activities for the kids followed by plans with friends in the evening. So I did Cardio...
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    2011 New Year's STS Challengers

    Joining in My name is Leela. I'm 45, and have 2 daughters - one 12, one 9. This year has been odd for me in terms of weight gain. It's coming on faster, coming off harder. I weigh 150, and I'm 5'4.5 with small bones, so this is too much for me. I only weighed 154 when I gave birth to my first...