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  1. dani21496

    Thank You Chicago Road Trippers!

    I had sooooo much fun!! Just came back to these forums (after 10 years I think ...ahhh) and got an on-demand subscription! Sooo excited! Yay!
  2. dani21496

    It has been years

    I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. :( Tons of hugs and welcome back!
  3. dani21496

    Thank you Cathe

    Completely agree! I had such a wonderful time! Seriously, one of the most memorable and amazing weekends ever! You are such a special person, Cathe. You've touched so many lives...including mine. :) <3 <3 I will be forever grateful. Dani :)
  4. dani21496

    This Weekend Road Trippers, please

    I loved your song!!!!! I had the best most amazing time on this road trip! Cathe is really just such a wonderful, amazing person and instructor. I got all teary eyed saying goodbye to her! Can't wait until next time!
  5. dani21496

    Chicago RTers!

    Hi Cathe!!!! Aww!! :D :D It is!!!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED!
  6. dani21496

    Chicago RTers!!!

    So excited to see you again, Debbie and everyone!!! :eek::eek: :D
  7. dani21496

    Chicago RTers!

    Can't wait to see you again!!!! :eek::eek::eek:
  8. dani21496

    Yummy quinoa recipe!

    Yum! This sounds great!
  9. dani21496

    Eye Cream

    Arbonne's RE9 eye cream is my absolute favorite! :)
  10. dani21496

    Rhythmic Step = great idea

    Rythmic Step is a party in a box!!! :p I love it!!!
  11. dani21496


    I'm in!!! I can't wait!!!! :D:D:D:D
  12. dani21496

    So if I am on the South Beach Diet...

    I tried it also and didn't even make it through the first day. By that evening I felt sick and shakey, like I hadn't eaten anything for days. I might just try this, and jump in at week 3.
  13. dani21496

    It is getting towards my next CT Scan

    Such great news!!!!!
  14. dani21496

    This makes me sick!

    I hope they get the book thrown at them. All of them. :mad:
  15. dani21496

    3 things that made you smile...

    1. Seeing my 20 month old start to dance whenever I sing him a song 2. My hubby having a nice healthy dinner ready for me when I came home from work and telling me how much he loves me. :D 3. Finding out we're getting a big tax refund.
  16. dani21496

    Lia Sophia?

    I bought a necklace I really liked. The only one I really liked at the party, but it was around $75. I thought that was a little high, but I did like the necklace. I told myself, I would only buy one and not get sucked in.
  17. dani21496

    Emshysema and Massage

    No advice, but just wanted to send you hugs. I'm so sorry he's dealing with this. My grandfather had emphysema and it was really hard seeing him struggle with it. I like the idea of massage.
  18. dani21496

    Protein Bars as a meal supplement?

    Thanks so much, everyone!
  19. dani21496

    Protein Bars as a meal supplement?

    The EAS Advantage Edge is really good. (peanut butter chocolate) it had a better taste and texture than any other I've tried.