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  1. FitPerk

    RT's are...

    are about confirming you are normal and it's ok to be obsessed with fitness...:eek: It's also about meeting people who will be friends for life...who will support you in everything you do and give you the kick in the pants you need when you need it. :p
  2. FitPerk

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Name / Forum Name: Stacie Perkins / FitPerk Previous Road Trips: My first was the Disney RT. I think my kids were more excited to meet and work out with Cathe than going to Disney. I also made it to the Chicago RT last year. This will be my very first NJ RT!!!!! Where you’re from and...
  3. FitPerk

    Who's Who book

    I think it's a great idea! How does all the gathering of information work? Do we determine a set of questions for everyone to answer then have them send their answers to one central email/person who can compile everything together? It might be easier to burn everything onto a disk instead of...
  4. FitPerk

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Woohoo!!!! Hi Cyn!!!! I'm in!!!!!! :) First NJ road trip for me!
  5. FitPerk

    I can't press "pause" in Chicago!

    That's hysterical! It's also much harder to talk back to her when she's standing right in front of you. :eek:
  6. FitPerk

    Total Body TriSets: Lower Body Split

    I use spools of thread instead of the dixie cups. :)
  7. FitPerk


    I'm in! LOVE the top 10!!!!!! I have the worst completely psychological issues with the bathroom when it comes to racing. I could literally walk from the bathroom to the starting line and still feel like I am about to wet my pants for the first part of EVERY race - totally mental. I see my...
  8. FitPerk

    Cycle Max Crew

    I also wanted to say thank you for the kind words! It's really neat to be "famous" :rolleyes: as my kids keep saying. What an awesome experience! I had the best time with my cycle sistas and felt like I laughed the entire time I was in NJ. Cathe is just so gracious and wonderful - she really...
  9. FitPerk


    Thanks Tami! I may be back to ask for advice!:D
  10. FitPerk


    You have inspired me! Hi Regina, Courtney and Wonderwoman! I have been debating about taking my adventurous/somewhat obsessive nature to the next level and signing up for a tri over the last few months. You have officially pushed me "over the edge." :p I hadn't heard about the Iron Girl...
  11. FitPerk

    Cycle Max Crew

    Hi Elsie! I am the one on the left side in the back with the blue top. Did you notice my electric blue shoes too! :D I kept joking with Cathe about how my shoes matched my shirt perfectly. You get to see a lot of shots of our furiously peddling feet in the workout and you can definitely see...
  12. FitPerk

    What would your rotation be for the new series?

    Hi Bobbi-B - this looks great! I'm so excited to get these too! To extend this schedule a little more, you could look at splitting Tri-sets (and/or Athletic Training) into Upper Body and Lower Body days. Maybe something like this: Day 1: circuit- AfterBurn Day 2: cardio- Cardio Supersets...
  13. FitPerk

    Thank you Cathe and SNM

    Cathe - I am coming out of "lurkerville" to tell you how much fun I had on the Road Trip. I had no idea what to expect and was completely blown away by not only the friendliness of all the other cathletes I met, but also your entire crew. From day one I was laughing and cutting up with...