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    Release Monthly Rotations Earlier, Please

    That would be great! :)
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    So will you get the shot?

    Hell no to both!!!!! Seasonal flu vaccines never work for me because I got more colds/flu when I had flu shots. So I stopped getting one since 4 years ago and I have not gotten sick since then. I would never take H1N1 vaccine because there is not enough study and it is not worth the...
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    STS--Sleeping, Training, and Shrinking!!!!

    That is so awesome about your great results!!! :) You have finally convinced me to do the 6 months rotation as I have been debating back and forth which one I should do, 3 or 6 months rotation. Thank you for sharing!:) Stephanie
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    weighted gloves ?

    Hi Dani, I didn't even notice that both weighted gloves (STS and are different. Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe I should wait until those are available at if the palm-less gloves are better than the ones currently in shop...does it matter? Thanks for your...
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    weighted gloves ?

    size? How do you know which size to get? I am torn about which size I need, Small or Medium? :confused: TIA! Stephanie
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    Not free shipping for Cathe Stability Ball as stated?

    Yep, I agree it is a good trap! :o lol
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    Not free shipping for Cathe Stability Ball as stated?

    Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I'm going to order more stuff to get the free shipping! :) Stephanie
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    Cathe Stability Ball?

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for letting me know. :) Now I am off to order some DVDs and stability ball to get the free shipping. Stephanie
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    Not free shipping for Cathe Stability Ball as stated?

    I see that on the item for the stability ball, it states "this item qualifies for free shipping" but still have to pay $9.59 for shipping? I didn't hit the button to complete the order yet. (thanks goodness!) Let me know. TIA! Stephanie
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    Cathe Stability Ball?

    You're right, it would make more sense to buy Cathe Stability Ball because I sure don't want one of my balls to pop while exercising. I am debating about which size I should get... 55 cm or 65 cm? I am 5'4", I think 55 cm is for 5'4 or below and 65 cm for 5'4" or above, so I am right in the...
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    Cathe Stability Ball?

    Hi all, I have a question about the stability ball. I have two stability balls (the Firm one and the balancing ball from Beachbody. Can I use one of them for STS? Or am I better off getting the one from Cathe since it is burst resistance (not sure if the Firm one is burst resistance?) I...
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    Why are you NOT ordering STS?

    several reasons Too complicating to figure out RM1, too many DVDs, too expensive, no closed captioned, too many equipments, no modified exerciser for us beginner/intermediate exercisers to follow, etc....
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    Chalean Extreme Initial Impressions

    10 percent discount Lisa, here is the code for discount which is GLOBAL_TEMP01 I got mine and I am so pleased with CLX, because it is so well put together. And I am so excited that CLX, like all BeachBody DVDs are closed captioned for the hearing impaired! I have sold all Cathe DVDs because...
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    Chalene's "Chalean Extreme" coming Oct 08, have clips

    I have never been interested in STS nor P90X, but I am so excited about ordering ChaLEAN Extreme! I love the fact that Charlene uses 1.) real people "test group" for her workouts 2) less equipments and 3) closed captioning workouts. I can not wait to pre-order CE!!!!