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  1. FitChick25

    When are new Cathe Live videos on Roku channel?

    I've actually noticed that I've also lost a few workouts since the time I initially downloaded the app. I used to have 175 live workouts, but now only have 172.
  2. FitChick25

    Arrre youuuu countingggggg?

    Can't wait!! Laces are already double knotted!
  3. FitChick25

    Who's In??

    #13 here!! Can't wait!!
  4. FitChick25

    Who's Who book

    Love this idea!! Please assign me any task, more than happy to help!
  5. FitChick25

    Request for Repeat of Dedication Class

    I definitely like the idea of another dedication class. Maybe each person can dedicate their workout to a cause that they personally want to raise awareness for (for example, wear purple to support awareness for Alzheimers, pink for breast cancer, red for heart disease. etc.). Just a thought...
  6. FitChick25

    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    This was tough! I had to include both cardio and strength since Cathe rocks at both! LIS Athletic Training warm up (6 minutes) 4DS Kickbox Cardio Kickbox section (about 30 mins) Muscle Max Barbell Static Lunges High Reps One Arm Rows w/dumbbell and band Butts and Guts Firewalkers LIS Upper Body...
  7. FitChick25

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other...
  8. FitChick25

    How to Keep Track of Our XTrain Updates

    Nov. is what I am hoping for as well! Sure could use XTrain for my body's post-Thanksgiving recovery ;)
  9. FitChick25

    How to Keep Track of Our XTrain Updates

    They started up again with filming today and continue tomorrow as well. I got the impression from the Facebook teaser update that they'll been done filming the series after tomorrow's filming!
  10. FitChick25

    Attention RT'ers

    Fabulous idea!! I'm definitely in!
  11. FitChick25

    Firewalker bands?

    Lorrie, there are always plenty of those little devils available :)
  12. FitChick25

    ONE WEEK, just 1 little week!

    Soo excited! Can't believe it's almost here. I'm packing this weekend too so I know I have everything I need. Can't wait to see everyone! Safe travels! :)
  13. FitChick25

    I'm so excited!

    So sorry about your accident, Mona! Looking forward to meeting you!
  14. FitChick25


    Too funny Jenn, I've been watching the old RT videos too! :D
  15. FitChick25

    30s, 30s, 30s

    You shouldn't need to bring a mat or bands - there were plenty last year :)
  16. FitChick25

    30s, 30s, 30s

    haha I can totally sympathize! My family doesn't get it either :p Cathletes sure do get it, though!
  17. FitChick25

    30s, 30s, 30s

    Loving the sound of the 30s!!! Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones!!
  18. FitChick25

    Countdown Link...welcome to the 60's friends!!

    So sorry Deb! We'll be thinking of you! And there is always next year!
  19. FitChick25

    Countdown link...

    My goal before Glassboro is to finish STS again (on my last week of Meso 1) . It sure is kicking my butt!