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    Happy Thanksgiving Evening!

    Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving all!!
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    Impressions of a 1st time Road Tripper

    Awesome! Candy, I agree as a fellow 1st time road tripper - the weekend was a great experience. You described it perfectly. From meeting Amanda at the registration table, to the super staff (yeah Cindy!!!), the tough workouts and the wonderful people (Jessica, Susan, Jeanie, the seasoned...
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    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    Yes!!! Just participated in my first road trip in TX - loved the workouts!!! We did have a step and low impact High Intensity workout and it was great. I also vote for a low impact series. Great suggestion.
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    Big Shout Out....

    Think I'm ready:D So excited and glad you picked Houston. Workouts sound like fun - sorry I'll miss the nature walk. Look foward to meeting everyone Friday!!!!
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    A nature walk sounds like fun - thanks for making yourself available. Look foward to meeting you and everyone else. This is my first road trip :)
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    Details Please!

    First RT I live here in Houston and would enjoy meeting some experienced RT members - all your ideas sound great - maybe I can sneak away on Thursday - if not can't wait for Friday!!!
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    WHO'S IN?

    Add another two!! My sister was #7 and I was #37...we live in Houston and are totally psyched...who gets this excited about a weekend chopped full of workouts? Look forward to meeting everyone!!