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  1. MSJ

    possible bug with calendar

    That's fine--I'm not really worried about it :)
  2. MSJ

    possible bug with calendar

    Hi--when I go to the workout manager and click on my calendar, all the workout icons pop up briefly and then disappear. Everything was working fine until today. It's not a huge crisis or anything, just a very minor annoyance--thought I'd let you know. Thanks
  3. MSJ

    6 Monthers, STS, Thursday

    Ladies--I feel so flaky about checking in. I meant to get back for personals Monday and I haven't gotten down here until today, late Thursday. I dealt with poop all day long. Our middle child has down syndrome and is potty trained, but has trouble not making a mess when his bowels are...
  4. MSJ

    Check out Lil' Eva - 8 weeks already!

    What a beauty--aaawwww:D Maggie:)
  5. MSJ

    mamas lovin their babes! 4/20--26

    Oh my I haven't been here in like 4 days or something and I've missed so much. Time to catch up. Actually, I thought I looked sort of icky in that photo, but I was showing how we drag the poor kids everywhere we go from day one. I'll post more from the past. They have literally been out in...
  6. MSJ

    mamas lovin their babes! 4/20--26

    Dh bought me a spinning bike yesterday and it rocks to have sweat crystallizing as I cool down. Yeah baby. didn't bother the ankle at all and my heart rate got way up. I love that man--he takes good care of me:D. I helped dh and ds13 with their one rep maxes yesterday, but we are far from...
  7. MSJ

    6 Monthers, Monday morning

    Hi ladies-- Quick check in--I think the natives are getting restless upstairs:p. Dh bought me a spinning bike yesterday and the dripping sweat is crystallizing as I type! I love that man! Didn't bother my ankle at all and my heart rate got way up. I love how I can "stand" to pedal with this...
  8. MSJ


    Hi ladies-- Did a hike in the Columbia Gorge today with the family. will count it as cardio. I ate really clean today, but weight was up by 2 lbs from my "new low" of Thursday. :mad: The weather here is gorgeous, finally.....ahhhhh....We get a lot of liquid sunshine here in Oregon, so the real...
  9. MSJ

    Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

    Hi ladies! We went on a hike up the Columbia Gorge today, so that was my cardio. Ankle felt pretty good the whole way. What a production! But it was sooo nice to get outside. Apparently the entire Portland/metro area felt the same way, because there were lots of people on the trail. I love...
  10. MSJ

    6 Monthers, STS, TGIF

    HI ladies-- I'm still so sore I can hardly move and today during the dead lifts, my hands almost gave out with the 35 lb dumbells. I need to strengthen my hands and forearms I guess. Oh and I did disk 15. My weight has shot up, but I'm sure it's because of the new rotation--sore muscles...
  11. MSJ

    Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

    Oh my! not only am I terribly sore, but I'm terribly hungry. I just ate some cheerios right out of the box and some shortbread, but the day is not blown if I just stop now....having "green" soup for dinner. I weighed Gwen last night and she hasn't gained anything--must be burning it off, but...
  12. MSJ

    6 Monthers, STS, Thursday the 16th

    Hi ladies dd3 just turned the computer off in the middle of my post. And I have to start again. Grrr..... MESO 2 Oh my goodness, I had no idea workouts could be this intense!!! I am absolutely fried from disks 13 and 14. Can hardly move, in fact. I didn't know that DOMS could be this...
  13. MSJ

    Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

    Hi ladies--gone a couple of days and I feel like I've missed sooo much! I'm going to try and catch up. I have MAJOR DOMS from disks 13 and 14. I mean I'm so dang sore I can hardly move. It's pitiful. I thought I was going to pass out by the end of the leg workout. Today I did the first half...
  14. MSJ

    6 Monthers KICKED BUTT on our Easter Challenge (Monday)

    Been MIA for a busy holiday weekend. I host and do most of the cooking/baking, so, anyway been cooking and cleaning since Friday.....I missed the Easter challenge (hangs head in shame:o) and I ate very badly, but I start meso 2 this week and I've eaten very well so far today. So, my goals this...
  15. MSJ

    Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

    Hi ladies! I've been mia for the last few days, stuffing my face:mad:, but I'm being good now. I'm starting meso 2 today. My ankle still hurts, I think I've diagnosed myself with an anterior ankle impingement. I walked for 30 min today and it felt okay. I'll do 2 more low impact 30 min...
  16. MSJ

    6 Monthers, STS, Thursday the 9th

    Hi ladies-- I am totally jonesing for a workout--start again Monday. I've discovered something about my ankle--wearing shoes is helping substantially. I've always been a barefoot person unless I have to wear shoes, but I think for some reason that is causing me problems. I've been wearing my...
  17. MSJ

    mamas 4-what day is it???!!!!

    Hi ladies-- All the kids measured their stomachs today. Gwens is 20" and dd12's is 22". We all had a good laugh (We are laughing with you, Gwen, not at you....well,not really....) Well Gwen does this little twisty thing with her hand right in front of her face as though she is fascinated by...
  18. MSJ

    6 Montheres, STS, Wednesday

    Hi ladies--been MIA because I've been so insanely busy! On my rest week. Lost another lb, despite some cheats this weekend and not doing any cardio. The ankle is feeling a bit better, but not as good as I'd hoped. As long as I keep losing fat and gaining muscle (thank you STS), I'll try not...
  19. MSJ

    mamas 4-what day is it???!!!!

    HI ladies! I certainly have a lot of catching up to do. I didn't realize I hadn't posted in 4 days:eek:. I've been deep cleaning and gardening like a mad woman and the kids are sick again--some sort of fever/cold thing. I thought that sick season was over:mad:. Gwen has been super cranky plus...
  20. MSJ

    hello mamas! 3-30---->

    Hi ladies! Well, my eating was not good today or yesterday I am so ashamed to admit. I am mad at myself--just undid more progress:mad:Ugh and Easter is next weekend? I never eat clean for holidays. I did make some "green soup" from my latest Clean Eating magazine and it is pretty tasty and...