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    ~~~~Challengers~~~~ Thursday 7/17

    Good Morning, Did B&G last nite tried to talk myself out of it. Tonite is MM upper body and abs. Eating is going well. Becca and Jean-I have only tried shimmy twice and yes I do feel silly but they say practice makes perfect right, I just need to start doing it alittle more. Hi to...
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    Good Morning, Didn't get up to workout again this morning so on tap is B&G overall leg premix. Some day I will get up. Andrea-Its ok to miss a workout once in awhile and you probably got a good workout doing whatever you were doing. Are you staying away from the biscuts? Amelia-shimmy...
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    ^.^.^Challengers - Tuesday 7/15^.^.^

    Good Morning, Didn't get up to exercise yesterday and DD brought the puppy over again so it was here until after 10pm last nite so no exercise, and then I didn't get up this morning but I will do KM tonite no excuses allowed. Eating yesterday was great I bought alot of fruits this weekend...
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    Challengers....weekend of june-12/13

    Good Morning, Today I think I will Shimmy and then do a stretch. I am ready to start back to working out Monday and my goal is to get up in the mornings before work and do it. Amelia-have fun camping. I got some good stuff at the farmers market. Andrea-congrats on the eating...
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    Challengers....weekend of june-12/13

    Good Morning, Well apparently I decided to follow Amelia and take a week off unlike her though I have no desire to workout. Its cloudy and rainy here today so plan on cleaning house and shopping. Went to the farmers market today and bought veggies and fruits. Amelia-maybe and...
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    ~`~`~`Challengers its FRIDAY!!!~`~`~`~

    Good Morning, Eating yesterday was alittle better, but by the time I went to the grocery store after work came home DD was here with her new puppy and then I had to fix supper so the workout went by the wayside. I really need to start getting up in the mornings. Tonite is step blast...
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    The Challnegers July 10

    Good Morning, Well here is the bad stuff I ate while on the road, Brkfst ceral, lunch 1/4 of a burrito(probably not even that much didn't like it) and a banana split sonic blast. Supper was grilled steak. I will do better today. Tonites workout is MM upper body. Jean-I was doing rounds...
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    ~`~`~CHALLENGERS Wednesday~`~`~`

    Good morning, On tap for tonite is B&G overall leg premix. I ate two bad things yesterday monster cookie in the morning and ice cream after supper. Today I am on the road again so don't know what lunch is going to be maybe a salad from mcdonalds. Andrea-good workout and congrats on the no...
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    Fitness Freak

    I do have CTX just tell me how to use it? Thank You
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    **CHALLENGERS Tuesday**

    Good Morning, Today I did KM low impact kickbox premix, gotta love those leg drills. Yesterday I did great until the ice cream after supper, and I didn't workout yesterday was late when I got home from work and I didn't drink enough having stomach issues. Will do better today. Andrea-give...
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    Fitness Freak

    Hey Debbie, Your get ready for summer 08 uses the 4ds series I don't currently own these what can I substitute in their place?
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    ~^~^~^Challengers- Monday 7/7/08~^~^~^

    Good Morning, Decided to do an easier rotation for the next 4 weeks will do cathes intermediate rotation so on tap for tonite is LIC. I wish I didn't have to go back to work today, I have to do Oxygen rounds and its suppose to be 95 today (thank god they fixed my airconditioner.) Jean-I am...
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    The Challengers July 6

    Good Morning, Didn't workout yesterday by the time I vaccumed 18 stairs 2 landings and 3 rooms I figured I got a workout. Today is stretch day and rest day start a new rotation tomarrow I think it will be cathes intermediate rotation or FF intermediate fat burning rotation. I have thought...
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    **::**::WEEKEND **::**::CHALLENGERS

    Good Morning, Spent yesterday at the lake on a boat and got fried, so today there will be no sunshine for me, it's cloudy and raining anyway. Todays workout will be SJP for the first time. I plan on spending the day cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping, then helping my DH paint...
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    The CHallengers, 4th of july

    Happy 4th. Today is suppose to be Imax 3 but I don't have it was going to do Interval Max, but after watching it not sure I am ready for that one so it will be LIS, I really like this one. We are going to spend the day at the lake with my DHs family. My neice called last nite to tell me see...
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    Good Morning, Didn't get my workout in. I went to the farmers market after work and bought fruits and veggies, by the time I got home and put things away So You Think You Can Dance came on and DH called on the computer so workout went by the wayside. I like Elaine should just go to bed in the...
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    Good Morning, Tonite is B&G leg blast and L&G floor work. DH is out of town tonite so supper will be real healthy, ate halfway decent yesterday. Amelia-I only did intervals 1-5 of LM couldn't get the front back mambos in 6 and 7 just confused me. On to the dog she quit eating, lost wt...
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    ***Challengers Tuesday****

    Good Morning, Tonites workout is LM I hope I can fiqure out some of the moves this time watched it again hope that helps. Eating yesterday was horrible. We put the family dog to sleep last nite kind of strange around here. Andrea-great job on the eats I knew you could do it great hike...
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    :::Challengers Monday:::

    Good Morning, Tonites workout is ctx upper body split and abs from butts and guts. Eating this weekend was horrible, but today is a new day. I need some suggestions ladies, I start rounds again wednesday and I am going to be in a town that doesn't have any place to eat and the vehicle I am...
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    The Challengers .....6/28 WEEKEND

    Good Morning, Today is my rest day but will do a stretch later. Managed to get in 3hrs. of sunshine yesterday hoping for 3hrs. today unless we paint. The concert last nite was ok its outdoors and the wind was blowing so the sound wasn't all that great, and SIL had a temp of 104 but we didn't...