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    FP-30 coupon code not working!

    COUON CODE FREE SHIP I was having the same prob, my account was charged for shipping. The charge is off my account for the whole order so do I have to reorder the step with the coupon again or is my order still going to go through?? thanks!
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    STS I have been trying to lose baby weight for last two months...My body won't seem to let me drop the extra lbs. It seemed easier with my first child and I gained a lot more with her. I kind of think STS is makining me platue, I thought it was suppose to stop weight loss plataeus? Anyways...
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    Found out I'm pregnant and in week 3 of STS

    Working out while pregnant! I was looking on the internet for answers about how safe it would be to work out while pregnant and here is a post that I found: Expert: Helene Byrne - 2/20/2008 Question I have a few questions I would like to ask you if that is ok? First, I recently read...
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    Found out I'm pregnant and in week 3 of STS

    Pregnant and STS I too just found out I'm pregnant. I really want to keep doing STS but modify when needed, howevevr I do not wanr to put my baby in danger. I know it is good to work out while pregnant I just want to kbow if STS would be a litlle much? Please say NO! :)
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    wondering about your STS...

    STS I am starting my second week of STS (Six month rotation) and so far I love it! I have a few other Cathe DVD's and she is by far my favorite! The excersices are pretty challenging but you will only get stronger with time! I think if you printed out the workout cards and were familiar with...
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    When Presale is Over

    MMA's Cool, I can't wait!
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    When Presale is Over

    MMA What is MMA?
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    When Presale is Over

    I was just thinking it's going to be kind of sad when STS presale is over. I mean I am really excited for it to arrive but I look foward to seeing new updates posted on Cathes BLOG. I guess it's going to be wierd to actually have it and not keep checking daily to see what new video clip may be...
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    Your Love of Peanut Butter -- ADVICE!

    Peanut Butter I try to eat a small meal every three hours, a protein and a carb. PB is actually a really good protein and if you eat one small serving every day it probably would do more good than harm.
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    Pregnancy workout video

    I recently found out that i am pregnant, what vidoes so you recommend for pregnancy.
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    Workout during pregnancy!

    I recently found out that I am pregnant, and I am currently doing your total muscle sculpting video. What videos would you recommend for me to do while I'm pregnant.