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    How often do you weigh yourself?

    Never. It makes me toooo crazy! Ellen
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    Stephanie Meyer & Twilight series

    I also thought that they were not my style so I bought Book 1 to see what everybody was talking about. Well, I couldn't put them down and read all four ASAP. I enjoyed them because everybody is reading them and talking about them. I sent the first one to my stepdaughter and she read all four...
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    Final Four

    Sorry...but it's GO UCONN!!!! Ellen
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    Happy Birthday Gayle (AKA-Banslug)

    I hope you have a Birthday a great as you are! Ellen
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    feel a cold coming on? What do you do?

    I used to take Vitamin C in megadoses, but now I use Zicam and it works! Ellen
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    Any Obagi users out there?

    Thanks so much for your answer. I now have a place to start. Ellen
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    Any Obagi users out there?

    I am interested in using Obagi. Did you go to a doctor or order it by yourself? Is there a difference in strength between the two? Did you notice a difference that was worth it? Any great eye creams? I heard great things about Clinique All About Eyes, but haven't tried it! Ellen
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    Tired of exercise?

    I recently felt the same way about exercising and I found out that I needed more variety. I 've got some walking DVDs and other total body workouts and now I can't wait to work out. I think I was really burned or bored out! Ellen
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    Teachers Help. 2nd grade is killing me

    Middle school English teacher here and that is way to much homework for a second grader!!! And I would hate to correct all of that!!! It is tooo much busy work and not actively engaging the student. Check with the other parents, but I have a feeling everybody has this much work. I'd start with...
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    What was your first car?

    I had a black Ford Falcon! I can't believe that somebody else had one, too! I didn't like the car and once I graduated from college I bought a Camaro! Ellen+
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    The guy who doesn't call??

    I completely agree with what LauraMax said. Go to class and live your life. You need the upper hand! Ellen
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    "I'm melting, I'm melting..." (eyeliner issues)

    I recently found a new eyeliner called Make Up For Ever at Sephora. It is the BEST I have ever used. But I do need a primer for my eyes. Ellen
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    Why it's fun dating out of your age range

    My wonderful husband of eight years is nine years YOUNGER than I am! I call him my Boy TOY and just make a big joke out of it!He is just the best in the world, and I'm glad we never made age a factor! Ellen
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    Good beach reads

    I second the recommendation for the Twilight books. I just started reading them and I can't put them down and I do not like vampire books! They are very entertaining! Ellen
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    What does your vanity tag say, and why?

    My husband who is a chef has ASUBBQ for his license plate. It's the name of his catering business. Ellen
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    Did you elope? Please tell your story.

    My wonderful husband and I got married in Vermont under a tree just the two of us by a JP. Two weeks later we got married w a minister for the families with only about 40 people. I never regret doing either. I know how difficult families can be. When we told my BF/ matron of honor we were going...
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    Hugh Jackman-Sexiest Man Alive?

    I vote for Daniel Craig!!!! He is the best Bond with attitude! Ellen
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    Thanksgiving for 2... what would you have?

    My husband is a chef,too, and we would definitely go out for dinner! Or call out for Chinese! We are very non traditional! Ellen
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    A lasy in our neighboorhood has four of them. She has been a foster mom to many dogs. They know me because I always feed them and they are the sweetest dogs I have seen in a long time. She has jackets and boots for all of them. They are just wonderful! Ellen She even has a tripod who is just...
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    I used them all the time with wonderful results. Service is fast without any hassles. Ellen