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    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    LOL Oh my, that's funny. I have these sneakers. Both them 2 weeks ago. They are great, but I agree sometime the stiff part bothers my left ankle. Otherwise they fell very stable and have good cushioning.
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    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    Hi, I was wondering where you found Asics Gel Intensity 2. I only see mens version online. TIA!
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    Pyramid II (sort of)

    Sounds great. I would love something like this!
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    How about a sequel series?

    Slow & Heavy 2 Pyramids UB 2 Low Impact HiiT 2 and 3 and 4 :) Burn Sets 2
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    STS Strength Volume 2

    Yes- Cathe, Please make another STS!!!!
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    Should I Buy STS??

    You will love it. It is a great series. I can't wait for Cathe to make STS 2. Cathe please please please make STS 2.
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    More Slide & Glide

    YES! I would love another Slide & Glide Workout with just cardio
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    Take 2! (Or 3 or 4)

    I would love: STS 2 Gym Style 2 Pyramids 2 More Sliding workouts Low Impact Aerobics (with no weights)
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    Rotation with LIS

    Cathe, I would also be very interested in STS weights/LIS rotation. Thanks :)
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    lead weight gloves

    ITA, I find it impossible to remove the weights. It takes forever. I stopped bothering with removing the weights (which is crazy because they were meant to be adjustable, especially when you need them in STS). I just keep them on if I need 2 lb in each hand or remove the gloves from my hands...
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    Who's up for a little chat?

    Hi Cathe! I am doing STS rotation and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I just have a question: is the MESO 3 strictly for strength gain or would it also provide some hypertrophy. I wish you could make STS 2 and also Gym Style 2 and Pyramids 2 (these are my favorites). Thanks a lot for answering!
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    SNM or Cathe: Will the new discs work on puzzle mats?

    I would like the answer to this as well. Thank you!
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    Question about gliding/sliding discs for new series coming up

    I was wondering of these would work on puzzle mats. Thank you!
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    Gym Styles AND 4 Day Split- Round 2!!

    ITA- I would really love to see Gym Style 2, Slow & Heavy 2 and Pyramids 2
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    New DVD's This Year?

    I second that!!!!! It would be great to have another gym style or pyramids and agree on the low impact cardio
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    For anyone who has the Pull/Push Tower

    Thanks a lot Fit_mommy. That was very helpful!
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    For anyone who has the Pull/Push Tower

    Thank you so much for answering. Do you think the base would fit in the door frame? I don't think I would like to to screw and un-screw it each time. TIA
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    For anyone who has the Pull/Push Tower

    I have a question about the tower. I workout in my bedroom but don't have the room to store the tower there. I will have to keep it in the basement and bring it up whenever I need it. Does each leg comes a part and the base is seperate so that I can go few times and bring the parts up (and get...
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    Problem w/Creating Rotation

    Besides the above issue, when I try to place already created rotation by Cathe in my calendar (I followed all the steps), it is not showing in my calendar. If I go to edit the rotation, it is listed in my downloaded roations, yet it is not showing on the calendar. Please advise. Thank you
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    Problem w/Creating Rotation

    SNM, when I try to create a rotation and select the workouut on the right side to be dragged on selected date, the moment I left click the workout everything dissapears. Please help. Thank you!