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    Your favorite Cathe Workout?

    What's your hands down favorite Cathe workout of all time? I think mine is Butts and Guts. That workout gets me every time, and it hurts to even bend over a little to get water from the water cooler at work after I'm done. Haha! No seriously though, ouch.
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    My favorite Cathe workout and least favorite

    My favorite Cathe workouts are: IMAX 2 Muscle Endurance Muscle Max Cardio Legs from XTrain Drill Max KPC Butts and Guts I could go on, but those are the top favorites as of right now.
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    Baby girl likes to watch me

    I have a 9 week old baby girl that loves to watch me workout to Cathe in the morning. She doesn't take her eyes off of me. If I'm on the floor and she can't see me, she gets a little fussy, then I pop up and say "Tada!" and she's good to go again. It's so cute! I hope I'm starting healthy...
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    Shaun T Focus T25

    After looking at the two options that Jengollf (thank you for that) put up, I think the second one gives way more workouts (10) and is a better deal. But maybe I'm wrong. I'm also noticing you can't order through I enjoyed Insanity, but my joints did not. I'm hoping that this...
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    Revisiting Low Max after X Train

    Well, today was a testimony of just how far I've come after doing the 90 day rotation for X Train. I have never been able to do Low Max on an 8" step the entire way through. I either have to lower the step half way, or I've even gone as far as to just do it on a 6" the entire workout. This...
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    Hard Strikes with....Hulk Hands!

    This may possibly be the cutest thread ever! My dog and cat always, every single morning have a wrestling match while I workout. If I don't workout, no wrestling match. That's the extent of my cuteness that I workout around. Doesn't really hold a candle to the Hulk Hands. ;)
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    Day 3, Ouch!

    I'm following the 90 day rotation. I haven't been able to workout in a few weeks due to sickness and a pulled calf muscle. But I'm all better now. That being said, I'm sore. Stairs are not my friend today after Cardio Legs yesterday and then Hard Strikes today. Phew! Cathe you kicked my...
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    How to get out stains in carpet

    This may sound strange, but if you go to look up Power Clean. That stuff gets stains out of anything. I even use it in my steam cleaner at home to wash my carpets. A neightbor used it on her off white carpet to get out a spill from Tang, and she now has a clean spot on her...
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    Looking for a career change - how do I deal with lack of experience in desired field?

    Internship? Most of the time they're paid these days. Good luck! Kathy
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    breakfast for kids

    I got a great idea from Eggo the other day. Take a whole wheat waffle, put yogurt on it, top it off with fresh berries and some granola (if she can eat that). Breakfast pizza! I don't recommend buying it from the freezer section, the yogurt and berries are warm when you heat it up, yuck. But...