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    Who else loves their Keurig?

    Love my Keurig ... I have mine for 2 years and love it!
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    The best price I've seen is on QVC - $253.00 for armband and watch w/6-month free subscription. I'm considering it myself.
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    Insomniacs, please help a desperate sista out!

    Insomniacs... I take one Tylenol PM and one 3 mg. Melatonin every night. Works great for me.
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    Carnie Wilson annoys me

    I find her annoying as well. If she spent as much time working out as she does yakking about her weight problem, she'd have it all figured out. She's a whiner. No sympathy here.
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    QVC is presenting VITAMIX CREATIONS as a TSV on 1/3/10. Not sure of the price; but I think it's on 5 easy pays. Are these machines worth the price? Viki
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    Question about Needle Biopsy for Thyroid

    I had the procedure done in July. Just a slight pinch and nothing but a band-aid afterward. Piece o' cake. Good luck.
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    Fit44 Did Insanity Come Today?

    I saw the infomercial and it looks great - no weights, bands or bars to deal with. For all who's tried it - please review. Thanks
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    TRX Training - has anyone tried it?

    I saw this featured on THE BIGGEST LOSER last season. They used it in an outdoor workout. Looks interesting...
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    Who Was Your Favorite Angel?

    Sabrina - the smart one.
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    Cathe's X-Vest at!!!???

    It's $5.00 cheaper on QVC and you also get the Fitness Gloves which are a $13.99 value.
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    Anyone remember Margaret Richard?

    Was Amy the blonde with the southern accent? I remember her. I used to like her step workouts.
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    Anyone remember Margaret Richard?

    Does anyone remember Margaret Richard of BODY ELECTRIC on PBS? I worked out with her over 25+ years ago. Well, she's going to be on QVC tomorrow (Wed.) at 9 a.m. Love her...
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    Where did you order your P90X from/

    I ordered mine from QVC. $129.89 with free s/h and Easy Pay - 2 installments of $64.92 plus tax. And QVC has excellent customer service - BEACHBODY does not.
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    David Carradine

    RIP Grasshopper - you will be missed.
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    Brussel Sprouts

    I never tried them until I heard Tony Horton (P90X) talk about how they are one of the healthiest vegetables to eat. I put a couple of tablespoons of EVOO in a mixing bowl. Cut the brussel sprouts in half - the place them in bowl with EVOO. Turn them until they are coated with EVOO. Then...
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    So who do you want to win the Biggest Loser?

    Tara. She's an amazing competitor.
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    Celebrity Apprentice

    I was really shocked at Jesse's name calling. Very immature. I think he showed his true colors. I think Melissa needs to get over high school - it's time.
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    Has anyone ever strained or pulled an ab muscle? I have some achiness on one side - the same side I had hernia repair surgery on 6 yrs. ago. This side has been normally tighter and weaker since. I read somewhere that icing the area is good - any suggestions?
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    I think EAS bars are high in protein.
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    p90x doubles, lean or classic

    nspire, Maybe if you contact one of the coaches at BEACHBODY (online) they might be able to help you out. (rather than dealing with customer service).