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  1. Agzo

    Any other pregnant ladies out there looking to stay fit?

    Hey Kariev! Thanks for replying. I know on the forums and the road trips some of the cathletes have been a little bit older than I am but I was beginning to feel like I was the only one out there that was pregnant. I'm in my mid thirties and this is my first. I did get a little off track because...
  2. Agzo

    Any other pregnant ladies out there looking to stay fit?

    I'm wrapping up my first trimester and really hoping to feel better soon so I can get back on track a bit. Was wondering if there are any others out there so we could keep each accountable and bump ideas off of etc.
  3. Agzo

    Breastfeeding classes for the mum-to-be

    I'm pregnant with my first and looking into home births and birthing centers too so I can't help with the breast feeding questions. I've been reading a fair amount about this and focusing on latching correctly seems to be key to it being less painful and the baby getting enough etc. Baby Center...
  4. Agzo

    Big Warm Thank You Hugs To Our 2014 Daytona Road Trip Attendees!

    So fun, I can't wait to sign up for the next one! I only wish I had it to look forward to again this weekend!
  5. Agzo

    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    Sorry to echo you so much but I also live in Orlando, it's also my first cathe road trip, and I discovered cathe on go-to nearly 10 years ago. Looking forward to meet everyone!
  6. Agzo

    Hello Road Trippers! seeking roommate for hotel

    Thank goodness, it will be nice to even kind of know anyone a little bit before I show up :). Nice to 'meet' you Tigger!
  7. Agzo

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    I'm super nervous (and excited)! I was kicking myself for missing the last Daytona & the Orlando one but it just wasn't in the budget for me. I'm committed this time & glad I got another opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for years.
  8. Agzo

    Hello Road Trippers! seeking roommate for hotel

    I will probably need a roommate too. I haven't been able to convince anyone I know to come & its a little strange going not knowing anyone but I'm already committed.
  9. Agzo

    10 Year Anniversary!

    Pretty neat! I don't log in as much as when I first found cathe, but I'm in shock that my forum join date is 9 year ago. My how time flies! Congrats on sticking with us for 10 years :D
  10. Agzo

    Collage video

    I thought I had received an email or something in the mail that said they were closing so I was happy to see your post. I went to their website & it sounds like they are redoing things & will be back soon :D.
  11. Agzo

    Cathletes - We're going to Disney World

    Kikster, yes I think we just might be more similar than I realized!! We take a trip every other year for our anniversary in July, we had planned to celebrate the weekend of the roadtrip, oops. DH does want me to go, he said it could be my anniversary gift, not sure how to match that though :o...
  12. Agzo

    Cathletes - We're going to Disney World

    Aww Tracy, I can't believe you broke your ankle on a roadtrip and still have such wonderful things to say. That's super encouraging because honestly I love weight lifting the best (and get the best results) that being said the step truly brings out the klutz in me! Hey Danielle- Great to...
  13. Agzo

    Who's in ???

    I'm in Orlando, so why am I hesitating so much and have still not signed up? Still nervous....any words or wisdom, or encouragement?
  14. Agzo

    Cathletes - We're going to Disney World

    Is there anyone from the Central Florida area going? I'm nervous, never been on a Cathe roadtrip before and honestly am behind in my workouts (little rut). I thought this trip would be sold out already and it's not yet; almost like a sign that I should really do this?? Any advice?? Who is...
  15. Agzo

    Let's Chat here at 10:30am Eastern

    good idea to the max, I would love to see an Atlanta roadtrip I was heart broken I missed the Daytona one since it was so close to me but I had to sit for my state licensing which had been planned for about 6 months in advance and they only offer it twice a year. I would come to Atlanta for...
  16. Agzo

    Let's Chat here at 10:30am Eastern

    Just wanted to pop in and say hello as well. I've been away for a while but want to start using my awesome collection of Cathe DVDs and build myself back up again...never thought I would have to say that :o. Thanks for making such amazing workouts! I love weight training!! ~Angel
  17. Agzo

    Daily Check In Tues Sept 29

    Thank you for the welcome carmen, I have a hard time navigating back to certain threads in the forums, guess its been too long. Conni sorry about having to take but I'm sure you'll be back stronger and better in no time. Bceogirl have a blast in Savannah, I love it there!
  18. Agzo

    Daily Check-In Monday, 9/27

    Tamster I dont think there is anyone out there who likes or trusts Mondays ;) Carmen you'll have to let us know how the body wrap is sounds bizarre for sure. bceogirl that certainly sounds like an amazing start to the week! Hope it's ok I I posted here, I think a daily check in would...
  19. Agzo

    The finishing touch...

    I'll give it a try... I never would have thought... I would get out of the habit of working out. I would never... discourage someone from working out. I always... beat myself up when I don't live up to my own expectations. I hope to... get back into my regular workout routines from...
  20. Agzo

    Please Vote for my Friends!!

    Only 2 more days left to vote!!!