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    ~~~6 month alumni~~~ Week of Jan 23

    It's been such a looong time Hello Girls! I am not sure if you will remember me or not, hopefully you will. I went MIA about a year and a half a ago. Much has happened within that time and I am just getting back to Cathe. It took me a few times of clicking around on the site to find you all...
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    Insanity Deluxe

    I am awaiting to do Insanity with a friend who got the deluxe package. Does anyone know how you are supposed to incorporate the extra dvds? I just can't wait to find out and I did not see any info on BB website. Thanks, julie
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    Wedding gift advice needed

    If they had an Engagement announcement or party send the gift. Othe wise bring it to the tea. I am from NY and my family always sends a gift whether or not they attended the event. So I would definetly do a gift for the tea and the bachelor party. For the bachelor party I would do something...
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    6 month alumni Monday

    Hi girls!!! Sorry I have been MIA for a while. I have a lot of catching up to do! I have been de cluttring this house all summer. I feel so bad my kids get to clean with me all week and then daddy of the year steps in and takes them places out to eat etc. It is so messed up. I am still...
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    kid advice

    Get them cell phones with a chaperon service. They can call you on the way if you like. IMHO I could not do it unless I walked with them. I would be a wreck. Ultimately you have to do what works fpr you and your family and while it is good to get opinions I would not do anyting unless you are...
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    Insanity and STS

    Doreen, Thanks, again. I think what I am going to do is to do Insanity first since it is primarily cardio, then sts by body part. Meso 2 was my favorite so I think I will do upper body m2. As far as legs go I think I will do Meso 3, since it sounds like I will be getting a lot of legs...
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    Insanity and STS

    Sandra, Thanks, it does help. So you are actually breaking up the sts dvd? Doing just chest on one day, shoulders, another etc? That would make it more manageable. I had not thought of that option at all. I just got done watching the insanity infomercial, with your idea I think I am...
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    Insanity and STS

    Doreen, Thanks for your response. Wow, I just finished STS, (well by this week end ) I can not imagine doing both on the same day. I am so wiped. Do you do Insanity first? Do you like STS so far, what haveyou gotten for results?
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    Insanity and STS

    Can anyone tell me how they are doing Insanity and STS. I have posted before but did not get any responses. I would like to know what your rotation looks like. Thanks julie
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    At home bikini wax?

    I have been waking for 27 years! I have little to no hair left at this point. However in a pinch I have used gigi hard wax for brazillians. it is a hard wax so you don't use strips and it is microwaveable. I am unsure of the cost but it is sold in beauty supply stores like sally's. For me...
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    Plastic surgery consultation costs!

    One other thing I forgot to mention. My surgeon had to take several precautions for my surgery. He went above and beyond doing what was required. Being the Cheif I am sure he gets what he wants and he did. He straped me on the table himself rather than having the anesthiaoligist do it, he...
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    Plastic surgery consultation costs!

    I saw 4 surgeons and they all charged a fee of 150 for a consult. To be honest if they did not I would not have gone to them. I live in Boston and medical is huge business here. Ultimately I decided on the Chief of Plastic at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. After my initial...
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    food after a workout?

    I have read fast acting carbs like white bread and protein hydroslate. slow carbs will actually slow down the protein getting to the muscles. M&F had a great article on this a couple of months back.
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    Lets Get Insanity Mon 8/3

    I am just finishing up STS and I am wanting to do Insanity. How are you using Insanity and STS together? I would love to hear your ideas and your workout week. Thanks julie
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    6 month STS Alumni, Monday

    Hi girls! The RT sounds awesome! I would love to go again. C Chrissy, it is so hard to be clean on the RT. WHen I went they food they served was not clean at all, plus they even served cake! I was so surprised. HOw are you going to incorporate insanity with sts. I will be done with sts...
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    6 Monthers...GRADUATES, Friday

    Hello girls!!!! Rachael, I went on the 2007 road trip. Unfortunately I had just had hernia surgery and my mom had died the week before so needless to say I was not up to working out. However I did watch at the back of the class. Gayle, maybe you will remember seeing me standing there class...
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    Will STS make your lower body smaller?

    Don't panic! Try to look at this from the perspective of being healthy , eating healthy and working out. If you have not read Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (ebook) I highly recommend it!!! It is alll about how to burn your fat and keep your muscle. It is an excellent resource especially for...
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    skinny arms

    I too am a skinny arm sufferer! STS meso 2 has really bulked me up!!! My biceps measure 8" around. It is not big at all , however I get compliemtns all the time since doing sts that I have great arms and look really strong. Despite their skinnness my arms are ripped and pumped which gives...
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    Will STS make your lower body smaller?

    Hmmm. What is your height and weight and your thigh measurement?
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    6-Monthers Thursday

    hi girls! Just a quick post to say hi and let you know i ahve been thinkging about all you! I have been crazy busy dealing with stbx and his antics. I had a feew days of not being able to eat followed by eating 2 bags of gummy worms and a bag of candy corn. Don't worry I was punished...