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  1. KarenJose

    2nd pregnancy is hard

    33 weeks, but already such a cutie pie! I am pregnant with my first, 46 weeks, already, big boy! Tell you the truth, I am having a pretty tough pregnancy. I can't eat basically anything. Even the smell of an apple can make me puke on the worst days. But, my doctors said that it's something...
  2. KarenJose

    Covid in USA

    With the second wave of Covid, I can't say that I'm not satisfied with something. A year ago, I was outraged that we were forbidden to go out. I was in a panic and even bought a coronavirus test on for the whole family. I was afraid of what was happening. Now I am...
  3. KarenJose

    Best gift ever!!:) My daughter signed us up for

    That’s so nice from your daughter, congrats. Her gift definitely shows that she cares about you, and it’s even making you keep moving and being healthy. I appreciate when your loved ones make the gift personalised in a way. It’s much more special than an expensive watch for example. Some time...
  4. KarenJose

    Airport to Hotel Transportation

    Hello, I understand you, yeah an Uber should be cheaper, but there is a chance you won’t find a car available when you need it, and you can lose a lot of money and time because of that. I recommend you to contact a cab firm and to pre-order a taxi on the internet for the date of your arrival. At...