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  1. KimberlyP

    ICE 2...Who's In?

    After I get my new Cathe series, I just start the long wait to find out what the next one is! I'd love to have one more, just one, dancy/step workout like from the old days. I long for that! I like the Pyramid workouts and wonder if there is such a thing as Pyramid Tabatta? I know Tabatta...
  2. KimberlyP

    ICE 2...Who's In?

    That's something new, fresh and would be weighted metabolic workout!
  3. KimberlyP

    Pre-Workout/Post Workout/Vitamins?

    Something very simple: I drink an Emergen-C before each workout. Sometimes I put it in my water bottle and drink that while I'm working out.
  4. KimberlyP

    Perspiration Inspiration! - Sweat Activated T-Shirts

    How neat is that!!! Can you tell us what the sizes translate to? Is a Large a size 12 - 14? :cool:
  5. KimberlyP

    Hey...I never look at this...and I see you wrote me a couple of days ago...;)

    Hey...I never look at this...and I see you wrote me a couple of days ago...;)
  6. KimberlyP

    The "unschooling" trend

    I heard this for the first time listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer's lecture CD called 'No More Excuses.' I don't have kids so I can't really say if this works, is good, etc. But it does sound scary. I'm wondering if, the extreme of this, is allowing the parents to be lazy. I mean, isn't a parent...
  7. KimberlyP

    April 10 Rotation

    Miss Drover, Hi!!! In response to your questions, I do both. Sometimes I follow them to the tee. But then sometimes I change them and sprinkle in a few different instructors. I'll try to keep the same theme, like kickboxing, though. I can walk but it can be a challenge! :cool: Of...
  8. KimberlyP

    Any new workouts this year?

    Poor Cathe! She just released a new series and we're clammering for more! I know I'm soooo waiting to find out what's in store for us. :D After a well earned rest, and a vacation too :cool: , I hope she'll come back and give a little bit on what to expect. Kimberly
  9. KimberlyP

    Keep doing what you're doing Cathe!

    Cathe, I more than just love the STS, it is unprecedented in the technology and thorough training it provides. I feel like I'm training with a trusted friend as I go through this system. Your enthusiasm and dedication shine through with each new system you get into our hot, little hands...
  10. KimberlyP

    How does one become a cast member?

    Put your game face on??? :p Kimberly
  11. KimberlyP

    Correct Bar Length for Power Tower

    I finally got to look at the Power Tower at my friend's house. She uses the same size barbell I do. We have found that the bar doesn't fit quite so easily into the holders on the Tower. What it is, is that the bar has a metal 'lip' or stopper to keep the plates from moving any further onto...
  12. KimberlyP

    Reverse U Turn...What the....? HELP!!

    mmis, I know I'm going to have trouble with it. It will be one of those moves I'm just going to have to continue to practice until it 'bonk' hits me right in the brain. Ta Da! I'll just have to play til it clicks. Good luck, hon. If I figure out any pointers, I'll let you know. Kimberly
  13. KimberlyP

    Reverse U Turn...What the....? HELP!!

    {Watch that segment before you do it} Uhmmmm, yea, OK.
  14. KimberlyP

    Just me, or is Cathe...

    Too funny about thinking Cathe would have 'work' done on her face. :D When would the woman even find the time to do that if she even wanted to? Having met her in person, she radiates health, inside and out. I was amazingly surprised at her humbleness. Cathe's a beautiful woman....pure...
  15. KimberlyP

    DH stole my Shock Cardio

    Sounds like it was a fun thing for you guys. However, my DH would have been in the dog house if he tried that on me. I think I told him when we got married that he couldn't touch any of my video collections. :rolleyes: Kimberly (don't stand between me and the UPS delivery person when my...
  16. KimberlyP

    I hope you like your new workouts

    Morningstar, your optimism is infectious. :) Jiminy Christmas, these workouts have me skaret!! I was previewing HiiT and wondered why my face was hurting. I figured it out. I was grimacing and clinching my jaw just like I would if I was doing the workout with them. :o:p That which does...
  17. KimberlyP

    christmas workout

    Choosing to celebrate that I can workout, I did IMAX 1 followed by IMAX 3. I had planned on doing all three but since we were going to a movie that afternoon, I just picked those two. I think that was enough. ;) Kimberly
  18. KimberlyP

    STS and shock cardio

    I was hoping their would be a rotation for the new cardios from Cathe. Maybe next week? :D Kimberly
  19. KimberlyP

    Working with Negatives

    I was wondering if a workout could be created that would work on the negative movements. The moves would have to be such that one could get the weight 'up' without assistance, yet still have it heavy enough to work on a slow negative move. Kimberly
  20. KimberlyP


    Add me to this list. I think Cathe's expertise would be a great asset to the Kettlebell genre. Kimberly