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  1. beautifulsoul

    Workout room help

    Thank you, I never even considered the lighting. :)
  2. beautifulsoul

    Workout room help

    Thanks, everyone. I am looking into the aerobic flooring. :) I have a 7 ft. mirror I can put down there as well. My mom and I have been doing STS together and are having a blast; it just feels a little cramped in the living room. I am open to any other ideas or thoughts. Thanks.
  3. beautifulsoul

    Workout room help

    Hello everyone, I want to put a workout area in my unfinished basement. Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions for flooring, or what to do with the concrete walls? Thanks. :)
  4. beautifulsoul

    Dry Hair - What shampoos are good for this

    I have just recently started shampooing every other day. My hair gets oily quickly so I just condition on the non wash days. My hair has been less frizzy and dry, a lot softer, and silky. I use shampoo and conditioner. I really love it.
  5. beautifulsoul

    Agave nectar

    Anybody familiar with Dr. Mercolas site? According to this agave nectar may not be as healthy as once thought. Just passing this along.
  6. beautifulsoul

    Any Dexter fans out there?

    Love this show! I was so shocked by the ending. I am wondering how they are going to start the next season. They just keep getting better with each seaon.
  7. beautifulsoul

    What are you reading?

    Breaking the AntiChrist Code.
  8. beautifulsoul

    High cholesterol

    Thanks everyone! "The whole cholesterol-heart disease link isn't more than a well accepted theory backed up by some well manipulated analysis (drug companies are good at that)." -- Very interesting. My DH is quadraplegic, I am hoping to get him to go to the Y with me to get some exercie...
  9. beautifulsoul

    High cholesterol

    Hello everyone, my hubby just had some blood work done and he has high cholesterol, 221. On the info they gave him it said to avoid coconut, I thought coconut was good for you. It doesn't say anything about HFCS, should he avoid it? Thanks guys, I'm jsut feeling a little confused. Any other...
  10. beautifulsoul

    Another Plantar fasciitis thread

    What does the trick for me is to do toe streches. While watching TV I put a blanket on my lap and tuck the end of it under my feet and stretch my toes back.
  11. beautifulsoul

    Flat footed Insanity Girl Needs Help

    Not doing it as is for the same reason also. I'm not very impressed with it and feel I wasted my money for the price I paid for it. :(
  12. beautifulsoul

    Really Oily skin

    What worked for me is just plain soap, a fragrance free, dye free bar of soap. I also use a toner and if I need it, an oil free moisturizer. This has helped me clear up, too. I have learned that if I use anything too harsh on my face it produces a lot of oil. I would have beads of oil on my...
  13. beautifulsoul

    Favorite Whitening toothpaste?

    Try just plain old baking soda, my teeth have never been whiter.
  14. beautifulsoul

    Summertime Pretty!

    Very pretty! I wish I knew more about gardening.
  15. beautifulsoul

    question for those who ordered insanity through BB

    The option came up when I ordered yesterday.
  16. beautifulsoul

    homeschooling question

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and info. I am currently looking at all the different curriculums and trying not to feel overwhelmed. : )
  17. beautifulsoul

    homeschooling question

    Any homeschoolers here? I am seriously thinking about homeschooling my 9 yr old son, with ADHD. I was wondering if anybody could share their experience, any tips, typical routine, how to get started. Seems like so much, I am worried I can't handle it. Thanks.
  18. beautifulsoul

    Sandwich Thins (Oroweat or Arnold's depending on where you live)

    Thanks, I will look for these.
  19. beautifulsoul

    getting back on track-opinions

    Nancy, I have found this is true for me. The increased appetite was counter productive and frusterating. I hated being that hungry all the time and having to think about food so much.
  20. beautifulsoul

    Honeybunny Sugar Lips

    Awww, so sorry for you loss. She looks adorable with an even more adorable name. I cherish every moment with my buns, they are so precious.