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  1. cygnus1889

    Anyone use Jillian Michaels Online Program?

    I didn't do the meal plan or the exercise plan - I found out the recipes were from and you can get those for free. I thought the support network from the forums would be good for me - however I found the forums quite difficult to navigate and Jillian herself never seems to go on...
  2. cygnus1889

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Cathe - I just wanted to say a big hello from the UK and to say I finally received my Shock Cardios and did 40/20 the other evening and it really got me good! - and I know there must have been some afterburn of calories going on afterwards - just what I need. Thanks so much for...
  3. cygnus1889


    I definitely recommend the Hilary Burnett dvd for beginners (I believe you can still buy it on The Stott dvds are good also. Josie
  4. cygnus1889

    Anyone in UK received the DVDs yet?

    Mine finally arrived today (even with all the bad snow up here in the North West) and no customs charges - yay!! :) I did 40/20 - boy that was a toughie - I had to modify quite a lot of the moves and go lower on the step risers - I clearly have something to work up to! Josie
  5. cygnus1889

    Anyone in UK received the DVDs yet?

    Still not received mine - but the bad weather up here in the the North West probably hasn't helped matters!
  6. cygnus1889

    Anyone in UK received the DVDs yet?

    Do you mind me asking what number invoice you had? I ordered fairly early on during the pre-order and still haven't received mine yet!
  7. cygnus1889

    STS cardio in Europe?

    I pre-ordered mine (I think I was invoice 1025 or something like that) and still haven't received mine - I am in Lancashire in the UK - I hope they arrive next week! Josie
  8. cygnus1889

    Crosstrainers for Cathe Fans in the U.K

    Annie - I replied to your message - I think it will show up as a visitor comment on your profile page though as opposed to a private message. Hope you can read it! Josie
  9. cygnus1889

    Hi Ann, I find the lateral support is good (I have fairly wide feet and slightly fallen...

    Hi Ann, I find the lateral support is good (I have fairly wide feet and slightly fallen arches, so good support is important for me) and because they are running shoes, they are quite light. The reason why I really like them is because the gel gives that slightly cushioned feel when you do...
  10. cygnus1889

    Crosstrainers for Cathe Fans in the U.K

    Annie - I am in the UK (Lancashire) and love the Asics Gel Evolution shoes - although I think they are more for running but they give good cushioning for plyo movies. I believe Asics do a good cross training shoe also. I recommend you take a look at the website as they have a shoe...
  11. cygnus1889

    Uk Shock Cardio

    I'm from Lancashire and haven't received mine either - no doubt HM Revenue & Customs will be expecting their 'commission' very shortly!
  12. cygnus1889

    Ticker problem

    OK, I think I just found out where I was going wrong - I had to go into the Cathe Fun page that was all! Here's hoping the ticker works now!
  13. cygnus1889

    Ticker problem

    I guess I am probably missing something really obvious - but where is the check box on the workout manager so that my weight details can be imported into the weight ticker - I've searched the workout manager on each page but just can't find this option. Many thanks! Josie
  14. cygnus1889

    British Translation, help

    I'm from the UK and turnover generally means the gross sales figure. Josie
  15. cygnus1889

    If you're able to chat, join me here

    Hi Cathe, As I am UK based - do you think you will sell any of your products on the UK version of QVC? (I assume the UK company is owned by the US company). Also, do you plan on selling any of your other products on QVC, such as your dvds? Thanks! :) Josie
  16. cygnus1889

    Life on Mars cancelled?

    You should check out the original version from the UK, you can get series 1 and 2 on DVD via Amazon, but you will need a multi-region dvd to play them as they will be in PAL format and not the American NTSC format. Josie
  17. cygnus1889

    Your cute!

    Hi Cathe - they were actually from the UK version of Costco (I live near Manchester, England), although it is still the same company as the US version and sells many similar products - so you just never know, they might have some where you are! Josie
  18. cygnus1889

    Your cute!

    For the UK Cathe fans, Costco are selling the Nike capri pants (they look very similar to the ones Cathe has) for just under £15 - I just got 3 pairs today in white, black and khaki! Josie
  19. cygnus1889

    Refreshing and reassuring!

    Even my boyfriend is enjoying watching the Cathe TV and form pointers with me - thanks Cathe! Josie
  20. cygnus1889


    I did disc 1 yesterday and have severe DOMS today! I was going to do a cardio workout this evening, but thought - nah - let's have more of a chance to recover! That workout was quick and tough! Josie