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  1. hawgwild

    Lower Impact Imax 2

    Hi Renee. Yes! I Love Low Max! I still do it sometimes. And yes.... sadly side to side lunges especially with weight are very hard on my right knee. Also feels like the knee cap is going to rip off!
  2. hawgwild

    Lower Impact Imax 2

    I LOVE Imax 2, but my right knee is getting pretty tweaky these days. I can jump upwards to some extent, but when impact is combined with lateral motion it gets trickier. Like doing toe taps on the step... I really miss doing Imax 2!!! I would also like to see an Imax 2 lower impact circuit...
  3. hawgwild

    Cathe Support for Downloads

    Thanks. So... update. When you download Cathe's workouts from ejunkie, they give you the WRONG support email for Cathe. I should have know this as Cathe's team usually respond very quickly. My Bad!
  4. hawgwild

    Cathe Support for Downloads

    I usually get a fairly quick response from the Cathe support team. However, I have sent FOUR emails regarding ICE - Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox: Muscle Meltdown - Triceps. The download doesn't work. And I think I have clicked on it so many times it has now expired. No o ne is answering my emails...
  5. hawgwild

    About the ICE Rotations

    Oh Gosh! I can't wait!
  6. hawgwild

    Introducing Our New Workout Blender

    Hello! After creating a custom workout with workout blender online, is it possible to save to our computer and play it offline? Or use it even if we cancel our monthly on-demand subscription? Thanks!
  7. hawgwild

    Steady State?

    Hi Cathe. I love doing your really intense workouts. Love the HiiT and X10!!! Anyhow, I like to mix in some steady state radio now and then. Just wondered what percentage of my Max heart rate would be considered steady state? 60%? 70% Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  8. hawgwild

    Still cannot get WB to work - even with 32 bit

    Windows Movie Maker works really well. iMovie was taking forever to import the clips, so I just aborted the mission. Most likely because Cathe's digital downloads are actually windows files. But, I will definitely use Movie Make for this!!! :D
  9. hawgwild

    Still cannot get WB to work - even with 32 bit

    I'm gonna try iMovie on my Mac and Windows Movie maker on my PC
  10. hawgwild

    Blending Workout Downloads in iMovie

    Awesome. Thanks. I may try that.
  11. hawgwild

    Still cannot get WB to work - even with 32 bit

    The problem is WB I can't get it to work correctly on any computer I've had over the years. Windows or Mac. I just gave up. Got an Apple TV and bought digital downloads. I would be willing to pay for WB software if it worked correctly. Another option would be to use movie editing software.
  12. hawgwild

    Canada Roadtrip?

    I'm now able to go to the USA. Woo Hoo!
  13. hawgwild

    Canada Roadtrip?

    I've got the all clear to go to the USA now! Woo Hoo
  14. hawgwild

    Paleo Meatloaf

    No grain added I used almond flour. Was really nice! <link></link>
  15. hawgwild

    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    Cathe! I would love to see Imax 2 with strength segments between each interval. I tried to do this with workout blender but it wouldn't work for me. Maybe between every second interval to keep the time under 75 minutes.
  16. hawgwild

    Anyone Paleo or Primal

    Yeah. That sounds good to me also. I also like to throw in 1-2 higher carb days per week. Around 100-125 grams usually on HiiT days so that should help. Thanks again!!! :D:D:D
  17. hawgwild

    Anyone Paleo or Primal

    Thanks for the reply. I eat 60-80 grams of carb on most days and I also do Cathe workouts (or similar) 6 days per week. I feel ok, but I had heard that too few carbs could burn out the adrenals when following lower carb lifestyles. I just wanted to see what others were doing.... I guess as...
  18. hawgwild

    Anyone Paleo or Primal

    Just wondering if anyone here followed a Paleo or Primal lifestyle? Do you do Cathe workouts everyday? And my I ask what your macros are roughly...
  19. hawgwild

    Download the Workout Blender

    my current version of WB doesn't seem to work. The movie never imports... I tried to red-ownload and re0install (thinking that maybe it's a newer version), but it my computer says that the "there was an error; and that the installer is misconfigured" * sorry. I just realized I should have...
  20. hawgwild

    One Rep Max Testing for XTrain

    You would go 25 lbs x .60 = 15 lbs No problem. Glad to help! :)