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  1. deb08

    Who is registered?

    Where is the page for Schedule for trip and the what to bring page?
  2. deb08

    Who is registered?

    HUBBY got me in, in 1 minute, sure pays to have a computer specialist in the family
  3. deb08

    Just trying to find out if I made the cut today, no email as of yet!

    Just trying to find out if I made the cut today, no email as of yet!
  4. deb08

    Just wanted to know If I got in on today. No email for me!

    Just wanted to know If I got in on today. No email for me!
  5. deb08

    Sign Up For The Glassboro 2016 Road Trip

    Went to Daytona Beach and can't wait to sign up for this one. I HOPE I GET IN!!!!
  6. deb08

    Who's in?

    Are we all excited or what? I can't wait!!! First Cathe Road Trip for me. But, I had hand surgery in August and it is still healing.....push ups or mountain climbers may not be in my future. I will make do.
  7. deb08

    Who's in?

    I'm going!!!! Gone to Daytona every year for the past 25, but never on a Cathe trip!!! Can't WAIT!!!!
  8. deb08

    Sign Up for the 2015 Daytona Road Trip Starting April 2nd,2015

    This is my very first Cathe trip....I received my confirmation last night, almost in 30 seconds. Whoever else is going, do I need to do anything else except my hotel room? Thanks!!!!
  9. deb08

    50 and over January check in

    Coming back (I hope!!!) Got my XTRAIN but haven't started yet! I started clogging last year (yea, you read that right)and class started again last night. Turned 60 in August this past year. OH YEAH, I tend to feel it on most days and modification is my middle name.
  10. deb08

    Countdown Link...welcome to the 60's friends!!

    It is with my deep regret that I had to cancel! So sorry! I was so looking forward to meeting everyone. Do an extra push up for me. Deb
  11. deb08

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Name / Forum Name:Debra Donaldson/Deb08 Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy)will pm Previous Road Trips None MY FIRST!!! Where your from and family (again only if comfortable) I live in Kennesaw, GA, north of Atlanta, the comfort of a small suburb...
  12. deb08

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I am sooo flying into Philly and that Rapid Rover sounds good..... Let me know more info as the time gets closer. My husband is checking into a Limo, we will see...
  13. deb08

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Well..after calling customer service (after my credid card company) I found out I am number 89. So going, going, going......anyone wants to share a cab from Philly airport, let me know......I am way too old for AMTRAK!!!! NOT, REPEAT, NOT HAULING BAGS ON THE TRAIN!!!!
  14. deb08

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Thanks Cammie! I'll give it a few hours,TECHNOLOGY... ain't it grand.....when it works that is!
  15. deb08

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Hey! I am flying into Philly airport from Atlanta, if I got in...which I don't know y et cause, no email yet but I will let you know. DUH!! If they took my money I had better get in!!!!
  16. deb08

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Trip How fast do you guys get your number? I just got a "your payment was successful" but no email yet.......What? Does that mean I am on the waiting list?
  17. deb08


    OH MY! Fingers are itchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. deb08

    One day to go for Glassboro Road Trip Sign Ups

    My first time as well.....hope I get in. I will be 60 in August and I promised myself this trip. Here is hoping......
  19. deb08

    50 and over week of November 21 check in

    Wanted to pop in and say "HI" and Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sorry I have just been MIA for a while.....maybe after holidays I'll be better. We have to move Mother from her "final resting place" to her "final, final resting place on Friday. Once that is over, I'll have some closure and can move...
  20. deb08

    50 and over week of Oct 31 check in

    Hi Ladies! I am sorry I have been AWOL yet again! My workouts have been somewhat sporadic to say the least.....I finished my Real Estate Class with a 100%! And now I am attempting Civit Lit II. Wish me luck! The main reason I have not been posting is the fact my Mother passed away on...