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  1. bonjonbart

    ReZist Workout, anybody heard this?

    I'm seeing it on the ReZist website for $12.99.
  2. bonjonbart

    Thank you, Cathe.

    Amazing! I did the HardCore 100 once, 6 years ago, at the young age of 52. I won't do it again. :oops: It was a goal and I achieved it. On a New Year's Day. I agree with you about Cathe's workouts giving me the power to complete that ride. Now I take a more leisurely approach to cycling 10-20...
  3. bonjonbart

    Sudden Weakness during workouts..

    Thank you for the update. Wishing you all the best as you work through these health challenges.
  4. bonjonbart

    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    You are right on target! Cathe always says, "Listen to your body." I think she also has said there is a line between "good" pain (when you're challenging yourself) and "bad" pain (when you're apt to cause injury) and that it is different for each person. You have to figure out what is right for...
  5. bonjonbart

    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    Bear in mind that the people who wrote about using heavier weights than Cathe were people who have been focusing on strength training for a while. Be proud of yourself each time you work out. Remember, we are all here to support each other. :)
  6. bonjonbart

    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    You are rebuilding your strength. I remember those days well. It used to be very challenging to make it through Cathe's workouts using half the weight she was lifting. I continued doing the workouts as she presents them, lifting only what I could manage. Long story short - it was only a matter...
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    Series for beginners.

    Thank you. I'm in the same "boat" as you (working out for 30 years, only 20 with Cathe) and thought there might be something wrong with me based on some of the critiques. I've been able to get a decent workout with this series so far! Yesterday, I did PHA2 and Abs #2 and lifted a bit heavier on...
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    2019 Cathe Calendar

    Hi Kristie, Someone contacted me last week and I've already mailed it to her. Sorry.
  9. bonjonbart

    2019 Cathe Calendar

    If anyone would like a calendar, I have a spare one. Apparently, I ordered two of them - one in September and again in October. I must have been REALLY excited this year! I would be happy to mail my extra calendar to the first person who send a message to my inbox.
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    Video Clip From Cathe's LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body

    I think my biceps are going to feel this one, based on the preview.
  11. bonjonbart

    Band on thigh squats

    And another where she does low jacks. I am thinking there is one more place where Cathe uses the band above the knees, too.
  12. bonjonbart

    Overhead Presses Question

    I think that clip answers the question nicely. Cathe says to bring the weight down to an area between the temple and jaw. As you can see, the elbows come down to breast/chest level when the weight is lowered to jaw level. I'll be watching for the official response. :)
  13. bonjonbart

    New step platform

    Thanks for catching that!! I thought that was a very low price!. Sorry for the confusion, daniella71.
  14. bonjonbart

    New step platform

    I couldn't find the platform only, but there is one on Amazon that has only 2 risers
  15. bonjonbart

    Cathe Rotation Calender By Set/Series Compendium 2018

    Oh, my goodness! You are so sweet. Thank you for sharing.
  16. bonjonbart

    Breast biopsy - scared

    Thank you for the update. Your fitness and super positive outlook will get you through your recovery and healing. You are a strong and amazing woman.
  17. bonjonbart

    Did you buy the LITE digital downloads or the DVD's?

    I'm with you on both counts. I ordered the DVDs, no downloads and I read books with pages that I borrow from my local library.
  18. bonjonbart

    Breast biopsy - scared

    Thinking of you, Anne.