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  1. JumpHigher

    Cathe's upcoming The Strong & Sweaty 5 DVD Series?

    How soon can we know who will be in this video series with Cathe? Any chance of Cedie, Brenda, and/or Lorraine? :)
  2. JumpHigher

    Mega Step Blast?

    I bought some software so I can now connect my VHS player to my computer and transfer my VHS tapes to either DVD or to mpeg files ... or both. :)
  3. JumpHigher

    Mega Step Blast?

    Oh, great idea! You're right -- I think there is one near me. I will check it out. Thanks. :)
  4. JumpHigher

    Mega Step Blast?

    I just did Mega Step Blast for the first time today. I found a new/sealed VHS copy a while back and just opened it today. Man I LOVE this step workout!! I want to have this on a digital or DVD version so I always have it. I had so much fun and burned great calories. The label on the VHS says...
  5. JumpHigher

    Upper Body + Cardio Intervals premix?

    Thanks for all your posts/suggestions. I appreciate it! :) Marla
  6. JumpHigher

    Upper Body + Cardio Intervals premix?

    Thanks for posting. :) Can you please let me know what HSTA is? Do you mean High Step Training? (The other is BC from Intensity Series, yes?)
  7. JumpHigher

    Upper Body + Cardio Intervals premix?

    Hi -- I'm thinking Cathe must have an upper body/cardio interval premix on one of her DVDs. Can anyone recommend one or more? Thanks so much! Marla
  8. JumpHigher

    Password change question

    Hi -- Is there a way to change my password in the nutrition software? The one assigned is impossible to remember (really long). Thanks. :) Marla
  9. JumpHigher

    Is cathe still on Fit TV?

    I had FIT tv on Thanksgiving Day as I cooked and she was on. Marla
  10. JumpHigher

    Second nutrition program question

    I forgot to add: the password I was given to log into the nutrition software is very long mishmosh of letters/numbers. I'd like to know how to change my password for the nutrition software. It's completely different than my "normal" password that I use to log in to the forums, purchase items...
  11. JumpHigher

    Nutrition Software question

    Hi -- I just began using the nutrition software and I'm wondering how to incorporate calories burned from my workouts into my nutrition program. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Marla
  12. JumpHigher

    Why is Brenda Always in the Back?

    I was wondering this, too. In the new videos I've only done Intensity so far -- Brenda is waaay back there. I did love seeing Jai up front, though! I would love to see Brenda there, too. :) Marla
  13. JumpHigher


    I do like G. T. Dave's Synergy. A friend of mine has Lyme Disease -- her doctor had her go gluten & dairy free, as well as recommending she drink kombucha. She drinks the Synergy variety and gave me a bottle to try. I really like it. Lots of good fruity flavors to choose from, and good for the...
  14. JumpHigher

    Let's Chat here at 10:30am Eastern

    Good Morning, Cathe :) Hi Cathe -- It's been a long time since I've been here on your forums. I've been busy with lots of good stuff. Nice to be back. :) Marla
  15. JumpHigher

    can't lose weight

    Most likely you're gaining muscle and losing fat, so for now your total weight may not be changing on the scale -- but muscle weighs more than fat. A better way to assess your results is to compare your girth measurements and the way your clothes fit. If you're seeing more definition and the...
  16. JumpHigher

    Step N Motion Download

    Hi -- I downloaded Step N Motion and I would like burn it to a DVD so I can use it on my TV. I tried and it didn't work. Is it possible to do this? I already own the VHS version, but wanted this because it was digitally remastered. Thanks
  17. JumpHigher

    Push Pull Tower -- Opinions/Reviews

    Thanks for all your replies, I really appreciate it. One more thing: Is it stable on carpet? Thanks again, Marla
  18. JumpHigher

    Push Pull Tower -- Opinions/Reviews

    Hi -- I'm considering purchasing Cathe's push pull tower. I would love to have reviews/opinions from anyone who's already using it. Thanks! Marla
  19. JumpHigher

    Announcing My Next DVD series

    THANKS :) Thank you, Cathe. Hey ... can I borrow some of your energy? Best wishes on your newest project, Marla
  20. JumpHigher

    STS Week 3A Shoe Question

    Hi Cathe, I feel a little silly asking this, but I love your shoes in STS Week 3A of Cathe TV. Can you tell me what they are? :) Thanks, Marla