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  1. gogigi

    Our 348th Cathe Live Broadcast

    It's so great to see everyone back! I look forward to doing this one later today. Love the idea of PHA training with no repeats!
  2. gogigi

    On Demand and Cathe Live

    I pay for Cathe on Demand and Live Monthly membership. I frequently have difficulty with access to Cathe Live and On Demand. This is extremely frustrating. I'm ready to workout and the video I need is a Cathe Live video but all I can do is wait for a response. Does anyone else have this...
  3. gogigi

    In workout blender, videos not playing correctly

    And the actual workouts play fine. I'm pleasantly surprised they were already available for on demand subscribers. I'm sure the it will all get worked out so the premixes play and the blender works.
  4. gogigi

    Cathe's Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Workout

    I LOVE the look of this! I'm very into keeping and improving my range of motion and mobility. I like how the exercises incorporate movement and not holding or stretching out one position too long.
  5. gogigi

    critical error

    I'm having the same issue. ): I'm ready to get my workout done.
  6. gogigi

    Xenophobic Fool in You Tube

    It doesn't flame me in the least and I'm very sorry you took my post as an attack. In reading back over my post I see that me writing that only gushers are tolerated was false (but I do stand by the rest of my post).
  7. gogigi

    Brazilian Butt Lift....How r u using this program JUST Curious

    I just ordered this from Mary and thought I'd try to do one of the prescribed rotations as well, adding in extra cardio and one upper body workout. I'll wait and see how I feel once I look everything over. I've eyed BBL for a long, long time and finally caved. I'm every frugal about my...
  8. gogigi

    great book

    Linda, I'm working on the whole binge eating as well and then just giving up. I'm currently reading and working through the workbook of The Beck Diet Solution. I was already getting to a point mentally where I knew the emotional eating HAD to stop. There have been a lot of changes in my life...
  9. gogigi

    This makes me sick!

    Any form of bullying is one of my pet peeves. This is absolutely heart breaking.
  10. gogigi

    3 things that made you smile...

    1. Being told in a spontaneous moment of glee by one of my kindergarten students, "You're the best teacher ever!" or "This is the best day ever!" or "I love this day!" 2. Keeping up with my sister and nephews on FaceBook. For example, my 11 year old, totally geeky, innocent, lovable...
  11. gogigi

    2 Things I wish on Step Moves...

    I agree with this as well. I know I have a lot of "negatives" or things I'd like to see included in future workouts (namely premixes) but I'm using Shock Cardio a WHOLE LOT. I too enjoy Step Moves as I like a little something to my step choreography and I love the way Cathe throws it at us...
  12. gogigi

    Xenophobic Fool in You Tube

    I hope you understand there is a difference between negative and constructive criticism. The fact that people on "other fitness boards" continue to buy Cathe's product yet express what they like and don't like isn't disgusting, it should be appreciated by Cathe/SNM as a way for them to continue...
  13. gogigi


    I haven't done MIC in a LONG time...I have it on VHS...LOL! I may have to give it a whirl again soon for old times! Good for you!
  14. gogigi

    Lower Back

    Classical Stretch has done wonders for my back pain and just makes my body feel good. I've gotten back to doing Classical stretch (did it 4 times this week) along with HiiT and Slow & Heavy and I feel great.
  15. gogigi


    I'd love to see more HiiT workouts like this. I like that all three workouts are on one DVD. I too have seen great gains. I don't have to take extra rests anymore for 30/30 or Double Wave Pyramid. 40/20 has a bit of a dread factor for me but I will conquer it! I bow to everyone who is able...
  16. gogigi

    Why so many negatives with this series?/Just starting them

    I think you have to allow for all comments...the positives along with the negatives. I've been with Cathe a long time and for me, the price increase along with shorter content, along with little to no premixes and no CD to speak of are negatives. That being said, this series has grown on me as...
  17. gogigi

    Advanced Step Challenge 4!!

    Amy rocks and I love her step workouts. I can't wait for ASC4!
  18. gogigi

    Top 3 Cathe workouts

    1. Intensity Series (perfection in production, music, premixes, value for money) but if I have to choose ONE from this series...the Pyramids. 2. HiiT 3. Imax 3 (but the music is WAY too low)
  19. gogigi

    Cardio Core Circuit Experiment

    Good to know! My form is better on the core work when I do it on it's own.