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  1. horsing around

    Video Clip of Cathe's Let’s Ride Express Live Indoor Cycling Workout

    This workout is freezing while the credits are rolling. I logged out/back in. Is anyone else having the same issue with this workout? Thank you.
  2. horsing around

    A Home run!

    This week I did a Blizzard Blast & Muscle Meltdown to work a different upper body part a day...added Abs when I could. Wow!!! I loved the timing and that I could go heavier with the weights as I needed to. I'll be doing this again for sure! Lisa
  3. horsing around

    Leg thinning rotation

    I tend to bulk easily in the thighs. I'm starting week three of a rotation consisting of 2 days UB strength, 2 days spinning, 1 day plyo legs, 1 day yoga and a rest day. I'm noticing some results, so I plan to stick with this rotation for a good 6 weeks. Lisa
  4. horsing around


    I've been doing an ICE/LIS rotation. Forgot how tough LIS can be - mostly on the core exercises! Love it!!!! Lisa
  5. horsing around

    PiYo ... what do you think?

    I liked a couple of the workouts, but can't say I'd spend the money again on the program. I compare everything to Cathe's production quality and find she is still my go-to for almost all my workouts! Lisa
  6. horsing around

    Leaning out legs

    LIS if noting real high impact. For me, LIS helped to lean out my legs as well. Some of the cardio workouts incorporate lighter weights, plus there is the turbo barre workout and 2 yoga workouts. ICE would be good also - the ways to use this series are limitless! Lisa
  7. horsing around

    My Cathlete Fairy Godmother

    What a wonderful gift to receive!! I hope that is only the start to better things for you in 2016. You picked 2 good ones to start with. I did Chiseled Lower Body yesterday and loved it. This entire series is AMAZING! I would purchase it for someone if I knew they'd put it to good use. Lisa
  8. horsing around

    Which ICE Rotation?

    I was hoping there would be a post asking this question. I'm open to either and am interested in a check-in/challenge group if anyone is interested. Lisa
  9. horsing around

    Cathe Cycling DVD recomendation

    Pedal Power is my favorite. The songs are slightly shorter, so the workout seems to go by quicker IMHO. They are all good and sometimes packaged at the daily deal. Lisa
  10. horsing around

    Favorite Cathe Cycling DVD?

    I'm a big fan of Pedal Power. The songs are slightly shorter which seems to make this workout go by faster than the other two. Lisa
  11. horsing around

    Holiday Meals/Appetizers???

    Check out The Girl Who Ate Everything. She puts a twist on common appetizers. I made some appetizers for a guided painting party that were a huge hit: Individual Seven Layer Dips and Antipasto Cups. Prep was done earlier in the day, then assembly closer to the event. Her Salted Caramel...
  12. horsing around

    Yoga Warrior or The Ultimate Yoga DVD Set?

    I have both series and use them regularly, but I've not done the full rotations. I try to do yoga at least once a week, so the length works for me. I also have Short and Sweet from UY. I really enjoy that one. It's the perfect length and Travis isn't as drawn out as some of the others have...
  13. horsing around

    Active Wear Fun Parody

    Yes, saw it during a road trip last weekend. I was then very observant about where people actually wear their active wear and kept singing it when I'd spot someone! LOL Lisa
  14. horsing around

    flex, xtrain and hiit

    What DVDs are in what you are calling the Flex series? If you mean the ones that came out with Flex Train, I don't think that was a true series so you won't find a book. Even the pre-orders were packaged in individual cases. A rotation including those with the other 2 mentioned would be a...
  15. horsing around

    Shoes For HIIT and Tabata?

    Try Asics Gel Craze. They are the closest to the Intensity that I've found and like.
  16. horsing around

    Dyson pet groomin tool

    We use the regular brush attachment on our vacuum and our dog loves it! She is all over the place when we try to brush her, but will stand for the vacuum. Lisa
  17. horsing around

    Foot Pain

    Here is a link to Amazon:
  18. horsing around

    Foot Pain

    Don't walk around barefoot in your house. especially on tile floors. I had a flair-up of plantar fasciitis a few years ago and wearing shoes made a huge difference. It's good now, but I usually at least wear slippers. I also invested in a pair of yoga toes to help stretch my feet. Lisa
  19. horsing around

    Sub for Pyramid Upper Body

    LIS Upper Body or the Upper Body mix from BM2. I think both are great upper body workouts. Lisa
  20. horsing around

    21 Day Fix Extreme

    I like the eating concept with the 21 Day Fix; but didn't use the exercises all that much. Was doing a Cathe 90 day rotation at the time. I still use my cups from 21 Day Fix. IMHO, I don't care for the pictures of the people I'm seeing from Extreme to even be tempted to try it. Lisa